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August 13, 2014


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Koolura Series
Magic Wand Clip ArtBook Two
Michael L. Thal 

Koolura has the ability to teleport, levitate, heal, and even fly. But at Camp Saddleback, Koolura wakes up drained and powerless. Who or what has stolen her psychic powers? As Koolura searches for the truth about her power loss, she and the Chumash Girls have to deal with pranksters ruining their cabin and destroying their summer. Campers plan revenge but problems escalate as lives are threatened. Will Koolura and the Chumash Girls solve the mystery at Camp Saddleback?
  • Series: Koolura Series
  • Paperback: 144 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (December 3, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1494351730
  • ISBN-13: 978-1494351731

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 In the first book, The Legend of Koolura, the heroine begins the second book looking forward to her first date.  She does decide later that he was quite a jerk.  She was sent to a fancy Summer camp and was happy until she finds out her supernatural powers are gone, well sometimes.  Her off again, on again inability to teleport, levitate, fly and heal has her a little worried.  Her perfect camp trip is turning into a dangerous situation. With the help of her fellow campers she steps in to solve the camp's mystery.  The author wrote a fun and wonderful mystery with a spunky female sleuth.

The author wrote for the age group with a fast paced fun loving book.  Children get bored easy, so the fast pace keeps them reading. Mr. Thal wrote of a lot of modern day issuers, such as bullying, boyfriends, friendships and special needs children. This book was just the right length, pace and just enough mystery for children to keep up with.  I enjoyed it and I'm not a child. I would suggest you read the first book, first to get a little back ground on Koolura. 

Don't miss out on this book.  It will be fun for you and your children.

I was given a complimentary copy of KOOLURA and THE MYSTERY at CAMP SADDLEBACK from the author, Michael L. Thal for my view of the book.No other compensation took place.

I would give this book 4 STARS.Yellow Wand Clip ArtYellow Wand Clip ArtYellow Wand Clip ArtYellow Wand Clip Art

Michael ThalMichael L. Thal, an accomplished freelancer, is the author of The Legend of Koolura, Koolura and the Mystery at Camp Saddleback, and Goodbye Tchaikovsky. He has written and published over eighty articles for magazines and newspapers including Highlights for Children, The Los Angeles Times, and San Diego Family Magazine. You can learn more about this author at 
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