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February 27, 2014


Charles Soto


(from Goodreads)
Fiction-romance comedy. Does any of us really know who it is we're actually connecting with on the Internet? In this Upbeat, Facebook Romance-Comedy what promises to captivate your heart and steal your laughter, is believing in second chances and fixing regrets, even when it comes from a simple friend request. When Chase Bishop announces his engagement to Heather, a fiance his brother totally despises, his brother/business partner, Sydney, goes to the extreme, willing to do anything to stop the marriage, including starting a Facebook account in Chase's name. For a self made millionaire like Chase, this construction mogul's success came without its rewards. A man who had built an empire with no one to share it with, and to Chase, time was running out. But, when a chance meeting happens between Chase and his high school sweetheart, Carl Bourque, Chase soon discover what lies n the surface wasn't a coincidence at all. Drama and suspense, laughter and love collide in a series of hilarious and touching events, where chaos replaces logic, and regrets fade away in this #1 feel good story of the year! When anything and everything happens, leaving the reader to ask this one simple question, 'do you believe in second chances?
Charles Soto is the author of three fiction novels, Heartache & Sin, Pride in a prayer and now his 1st Romance-Comedy, The Friend Request. He is also the ghost writer on, Frias With Love (Where we come from and where we went by Phyllis Frias. Besides Charles Soto's talents with the written word, he also a very accomplished Artist/sculptor. he lives in northern Minnesota with his wife Patty of over 26 yrs. he is the father of two daughters and weighs is wealth by the love they all share for one another.

Heartache & Sin  Pride in a Prayer

This story is a funny and sometimes 'way out there' facebook love story. From page one I was stuck on this book.  From the start to the finish it keeps your interest, never boring. I found that as I read,, I realized that there can be a second chance,.  You can fix the wrongs in your life.  I do believe that to a certain extent.  It doesn't always work that way. I went on wild ride of ups and downs with very heart warming emotions.  In this book, two high school sweethearts reunite after years of being apart. the author wrote about the characters so that they were real, like they could be your friend or next door neighbor.
Carly Bourque never forgot her first time , but it wasn't with Chase Bishop, her high school sweetheart.  She is filled with regrets.  She feels guilty about Chase moving aways after his accident.
Most important she took the whole responsibility of how her life turned out. The only peace she finds is in her son, who is mentally challenged.
She remembers Chase as being once so gentle and kind. but now he is a different man.  He has it all or at least that's what he thought.  Soon to be married to Heather, with hopes of a family,and he had a multi-million dollar business.
Chase was soon finding himself fighting to get out of the engagement.  Some of this had to do with his brother, Sydney who didn't like Chase's wife to be, along with the entire family, takes matters into his own hands and starts a Facebook account in Chase's name.
While on Facebook, Carly got a friend request from the man who has held her heart all these years, Chase. After meeting Carly in San Francisco, he discovers that things aren't as they appear.
  He met Carly's son, Caleb. Chase was entering into a world that he always wanted no part of, anyone handicapped. Caleb introduced him to a new world. He felt a stirring in his heart,  a peacefulness.  He had changed.   He finds himself between truth and lies; a gold digging fiance and the possible having a life with Carly. 
 The author wrote a wonderful and rather humorous at times, facebook love story.
   THE FRIEND REQUEST started and ends with surprises.  The book is never dull.  It is a page turner.  I found myself hoping that Carly and Chase get that second chance. 
 But will they? I think the reader will come away with a different outlook on fixing some of those regrets, caring more, not judging and looking for that second chance.  At least I hope so.
The book gives you suspense, drama, heart touching situations and love. 
 That gives you a lot to think about.  Are Second Chances real?  Do they really happen? 
 I would urge you to pick up a copy of THE FRIEND REQUEST by Charles Soto
 and find out for yourself. 
This was an awe inspiring book on a subject that you don't hear or think much about.
  A refreshing read.

I would give this book 5 F's (for Facebook)

 I was given a complimentary copy of THE FRIEND REQUEST from Charles Soto the author for my honest opinion.  No other compensation took place.


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