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January 27, 2014


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True Love's First Kiss (Queen of the Realm of Faerie 1-3)
The Queen of the Realm of Faerie
Books 1-3 (Collective Work)
Book 1: Nandana's Mark
Book 2: The Flower of Isbelline
Book 3: The Dragon's Carnivale
Heidi Garrett
H Danielle Crabtree, Editor
J W B, Cover Design

Original Language: English
Publisher: Half-Faerie Publishing
Country: USA
Publication Date: July 8th, 2013
ISBN: 978-0988206892
Page Count: 696 
In the Enchanted World, true love's first kiss is magic.

(from Goodreads)
***True Love's First Kiss is no longer available. The Queen of the Realm of Faerie series will be republished in the Spring of 2014 as a trilogy. The first book, Half-Faerie will include Nandana's Mark and The Flower of Isbelline. The second book, Half-Mortal will include The Dragon Carnivale and the never-before published Isle of Minnanon. The final book, War and Grace, will be published in 2015. All readers who have left a review for True Love's First Kiss will be offered a gift copy of Half-Faerie prior to publication, and a deep discount on Half-Mortal when it is published.***

~ Books 1-3 of this five-book series in a single  bundle ~

Half-Faeries and mortals. Black magic and genocide. Coming of age and coming into power.

~ Book 1 - NANDANA’S MARK ~

Melia longs to fly like the fullblood faeries.
Her mortal father plots to bring war to the Enchanted World.
Her faerie mother practices black magic behind closed doors.

Overshadowed by her parent’s obsessions, Melia has become an outcast. She seeks aid from the mysterious Illustrator, who makes a strange mark on her forehead. The mark is meant to draw the help of a green-eyed stranger from distant lands. Before he arrives, a tragic accident destroys what’s left of Melia’s already fractured family. Her mother is unforgiving. The punishment she metes out will leave her middle daughter torn between guilt and ectasy—and will complicate Melia’s relationship with the green-eyed stranger.

~ Book 2 

The half-faerie Melia is determined to save her sister from a false marriage, and their world from a dark power. But her sister will pursue their father's damning legacy--even if the cost of denying true love will be apocalyptic.

~ Book 3
In Illialei, a light queen practices black magic.
In Tyrannis, the dragonwitch rises to power.
In the Mortal World, Umbra pursues the halfbloods as vessels of incarnation.

Energies in the Enchanted World are shifting and new alliances are forming; the Battle of Dark and Light has begun. Melia is desperate to make things right with Ryder, the young priest from Idonne, but first she must warn the halfbloods in the Mortal World that Umbra is coming for them--and face the powerful Dragonwitch and her spectacular Dragon Carnivale.

I loved that the author put a compilation of the three books into one.  Once I get started on a series I don't want to quit and wait until I get another book. There are three separate books that are connected to each other.  To me they are really not stand alones. There are some of us adults who have this side of us that wants to enter into an enchanted world and leave the real world behind for a while.  I am one of those.  Ms. Garrett gives the reader the best of the enchanted world, faeries, trolls, magicians, evil queens, power, black magic, half faeries and half mortals mixed with full mortals.  Quite a combination.  The characters may fool you a bit.  They may not be what you think they are.  The author wrote about the characters with vivid descriptions.  Each had his or her own personality.
Faerie troths are broken, children are cursed by their mother,and mortals marry faeries. Some of the curses can be broken if kissed by the one that is loved and loves you. Will the half faerie/half mortal, Melia let the curse be lifted when she finds the One.? Half faerie/half mortals do not have wings She may not want to, since the curse is that she now has wings and she has always wanted to fly.  The author add a little suspense with the inner conflict that  takes place once Mellia has found the One.  That is not the only conflict.  War is about to take place and Melia must prepare for it.You will discover an array of emotions going through you.  Some happy, some not.
A book that lets you escape reality and become one of the mortals in the enchanted world. Sure it's a fantasy, but I think once in a while everyone needs a fantasy world to escape to. So grab a copy of TRUE LOVE'S FIRST KISS by Heidi Garrett and let go of reality and enter the enchanted world of faerie.  Ms. Garrett wrote a charming story of a world you can escape to when you need a break.

I would give this book 4 FAERIES.

I was given a complimentary copy of TRUE LOVE'S FIRST KISS by Heidi Garrett for my honest opinion of the book.  No other compensation took place.

Contact MeHeidi Garrett is the author of the contemporary fairytale novella collection, Once Upon a Time Today. In these stand-alone retellings of popular and obscure fairy tales, adult characters navigate the deep woods of the modern landscape to find their Happily Ever Afters. The Original Fairy Tale short stories: The Girl Who Watched For Elves, The Girl Who Dreamed of Red Shoes, and The Girl Who Couldn’t Sing are a prelude to that collection.

She is also the author of The Queen of the Realm of Faerie series, a fairy tale/high fantasy mashup about a young half-faerie, half mortal woman who must save both the Enchanted and Mortal Worlds.

Heidi was born in Texas, and in an attempt to reside in as many cities in that state as she could, made it to Houston, Lubbock, Austin, and El Paso. Heidi now lives in Eastern Washington state with her husband, their two cats, her laptop, and her Kindle.

In my life and in my writing, I'm fascinated by thresholds and borders between: human and divine, ego and Self, conscious and unconscious, reality and imagination. Confronted daily with situations where the most superficial aspects of life are valued, I'm obsessed with going deeper. Whenever I've lost my way, fairytales and fantastical stories have restored my faith.

The Queen of the Realm of Faerie series, and the stories in my Once Upon a Time Today collection of contemporary fairytale retellings, feature female characters who must draw from their deepest selves to win. 

Being from the South, she often contemplates the magic of snow and hopes to remind readers that:

Once upon a time, you lived in an enchanted world…
Nandana's Mark (Queen of the Realm of Faerie, #1)The Flower of Isbelline (Queen of the Realm of Faerie #2)The Dragon Carnivale (Queen of the Realm of Faerie, #3)
Beautiful Beautiful (Once Upon a Time Today, #1)A Short Story: The Girl Who Watched For Elves (Once Upon a Time Today, 0.0)

Learn more about Heidi and enjoy her stream-of-consciousness reading journal, Eating Magic, at:

If you want to say Hello, give her a shout out on Twitter:

She is now on Facebook:


Candace said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed this one! She's actually pulled the individual books and she's going to re-release with some of them combined. Like the first and second will be one book. I think that's what she said she's going to do. So this one will still be listed, but the others will be pulled until she gets them combined. Hopefully people will like getting more story in one shot. I do agree with you, it's nice to just start reading the series and continue it without breaks.

Heidi Garrett said...

Gayle, Thank you so much for reading True Love's First Kiss! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! As Candace mentioned, we're making some publishing changes to the series, which I'm very excited about. Hopefully, with the changes more readers can find the series
and enjoy a chance to escape;) Heidi