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December 8, 2013

LADY ANNE'S LOVER byMaggie Robinson

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Scandal is in the eyes of the beholder......

The London List
Book Three
Maggie Robinson
Lady Anne’s Lover 

Paperback, 352 pages
Published July 30th 2013 by Brava

 (ISBN13: 9780758269102)
edition language

Wales, 1820 (United Kingdom)

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(from Goodreads)
Lady Imaculata Anne Egremont has appeared in the scandalous pages of the London List often enough. The reading public is so bored with her nonsense, she couldn’t make news now unless she took a vow of chastity. But behind her naughty hijinks is a terrible fear. It’s time the List helped her. With a quick scan through its job postings and a few whacks at her ridiculous name, she’s off to keep house for a bachelor veteran as plain Anne Mont.

Major Gareth Ripton-Jones is dangerously young and handsome on the face of it, but after losing his love and his arm in short order, he is also too deep in his cups to notice that his suspiciously young housekeeper is suspiciously terrible at keeping house. Until, that is, her sharp tongue and her burnt coffee penetrate even his misery—and the charm underneath surprises them both. Trust the worst cook in Wales to propose a most unexpected solution to his troubles…

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I simply loved the interesting series, The London List.  The London List, the newspaper is responsible for putting very interesting characters together.   The covers on these books are outstanding.
An Earl's daughter is in hiding , Lady Imaculata Egremont. A safe place was finally found by the Lady's friend, Evangeline and The London List.  A safe place from the spying eyes. Her father was thought of as a saint.  Oh how wrong they were. Her father has tried to sexually assault her after the death of her mother.  When he fails, he beats her.  To get even and make her father look bad she started causing gossip wherever she went.  She did anything she could to create scandal and that scandal would go  straight to her father, which is what she wanted..  Some of her antics were dancing naked in the fountain, selling chestnuts on the street, eloped to France but that failed. They came and got her.
She applies for a housekeeper job she saw  in The London List.  It had been placed by Gareth Ripton-Jones.  When she applies she uses  the name of Mrs. Anne Mont.  She hopes no one will see that she has no knowledge of  anything domestic. She gets the job but when she walked into the house it reeked of gin and isn't anything but a disaster.  She has to make this work at least until she is 21.  She's not sure of what she finds out. Gareth a true hero coming  back from war, a great guy hurting deep, he struggles with his alcohol problem and he feels inadequate since he lost one of his arms. He is drawn to Anne.  He feels her money will help but most of all he wants her near. As time goes on and they get to know each other they decide they can help each other out. There is an issue about his former fiance's murder.  Another issue is his drinking and there appears to be some odd happenings around him.  The author, Ms. Robinson has written some wonderful books and I certainly hope she keeps writing.
Trust the worst cook in Wales to propose a most unexpected solution to his troubles...
  (from back cover)

I would give this book 4 ROSETTES.

I was given a complimentary copy of LADY ANNE'S LOVER by Maggie Robinson from Night Owl Reviews for my uncompensated view.
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Maggie Robinson
Maggie Robinson is a former teacher, library clerk and mother of four who woke up in the middle of the night, absolutely compelled to create the perfect man and use as many adverbs as possible doing so. A transplanted New Yorker, she lives with her not-quite perfect husband in Maine, where the cold winters are ideal for staying inside and writing hot historical romances.

She also writes erotic historical romances as Margaret Rowe.

Mistress by Mistake (Courtesan Court, #1)Mistress by Midnight (Courtesan Court, #2) Mistress by Marriage (Courtesan Court, #3)Master of Sin (Courtesan Court, #4)

Lord Gray's List (The London List, #1) Captain Durant's Countess (The London List, #2)Lady Anne’s Lover
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