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October 20, 2013

HIDDEN by Thomas Hall


A Novel of Suspense
by Thomas Hall

Published July 19th 2013 by Brighton Publishing LLC

OVERVIEW (from Goodreads)

When six-year-old Eric Allen vanishes into thin air one rainy morning after his dad drops him off at school, Detective Dave Munoz and FBI agent Craig Walker are called in to solve the case. But how can they even know where to begin without a single witness or a shred of evidence? As they increasingly become convinced that the bright, handsome youngster has been kidnapped, the two lawmen also come to realize that it's not only Eric's life that hangs in the balance, but also that of the boy's distraught father. Jonathan Allen is still grieving the mysterious death of his wife a few months earlier; now, the disappearance of his son threatens to destroy what's left of his world. Munoz and Walker grimly and painstakingly piece together a complex puzzle as their investigation draws them into a tangled web of dark secrets and sinister activity that seems to stretch from some of New England's seamiest neighborhoods to some of its most posh addresses. As the days pass, the likelihood of finding Eric alive rapidly diminishes. And it seems that the individuals who might have helpful information about the child's disappearance, keep turning up dead. Can the two lawmen crack the case before it's too late? Can they find where little Eric Allen has been hidden? Hidden takes readers on a tour through New England's roads-less-traveled, including its red-light districts, quiet suburban neighborhoods, and even its hallowed halls of justice. Along the way, it pauses periodically to pull back the picture-postcard facades to reveal startling secrets behind closed doors in the lives of seemingly ordinary citizens.

I found the book HIDDEN to be very interesting book.  The author did a good job of describing the characters. The use of grammar and language suit the book to a "T". You would think that there would be some very explicit  details of language and scenes, but the author dealt with that and yet was able to make the characters seem real.  From page one to the end you are riveted to the book, unable to let go for fear you'd miss something.  The pages didn't turn fast enough.  You just kept hoping that it wasn't too late to accomplish the rescue. The story is centered around Jonathan Allen and his son Eric.  Jonathan's wife had been murdered. Jonathan became numb and paid little attention to the grief his little boy was dealing with.  He was working on trying to be a better father when Eric was kidnapped at school. A calm and competent detective, Dave Munoz takes on the case even though he didn't like this kind of crime.  He was the only detective on the Stanfield Police Department. With all his expertise in solving cases, he feels the need to bring in the FBI.  Agent Craig Walker joins in the search for Eric. The detective and the agent discovers a child pornography ring which had a computer genius and also a perverted sociopath, Tony Sarno  doing most of the work.  Tony's  boss is known as Runner.  Tony gets arrested and thee police find child pornography on his cell phone. Tony beats the wrap and is out on the streets doing the same thing all over again. The suspense is so great in this story that you want to skip a few pages to find out what happens to Tony, Runner, Eric and the other characters.  I haven't read a lot of books that keep you so interested.  Somehow you start to think like a detective.  Trying to figure out the criminal's next move and trying to discover who is actually behind it all.  HIDDEN takes you on a journey through the less traveled areas of New England.  You go through the seedy parts up to the halls of justice.  Surprising what can be found in the homes of the supposed normal citizens.  Secrets?  This story is full of secrets.  Of course we all live with secrets, everyone of us.  If you love suspense, I mean real suspense, then watch out because this book does deliver just that.  A keeper for sure.  So grab a copy and help the lawmen solve several cases that are all related to just one.  Help them find Eric.  Thanks to you, Mr. Hall for this wonderful suspense novel.   You have great talent.

I would give this book 4 STARS.

I was given a complimentary copy of HIDDEN from the author, Thomas Hall for my unbiased review. 

Thomas Hall is a former English teacher and middle school and high school principal. He and his wife Marcia (Young) live in Central Massachusetts. They have three adult children – Kimberly, Elizabeth, and Michael. This is Mr. Hall’s second novel.

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