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July 18, 2013

THE HIDDEN DEEP by Christa Kinde

 4  STARS                                                       THE HIDDEN DEEP
                                                                 Threshold Series Book 2
                                                                 by Christa Kinde

 Homework, football, apple pies, and ... angels?
Harvest time is in full swing when Prissie Pomeroy learns that something terrible happened in her family's orchard---making it hard to focus on school, especially when her best friends are distant and Ransom won't leave her alone. As she meets other angels. Prissie is drawn increasingly deeper into their world and closer to its dangers. A kidnapped apprentice suffers. A chained door bodes ill. A tiny angel makes a big difference. A battle line is drawn. Everything Prissie thought she knew is about to change ... again!
'He was trembling, which frightened Prissie even more than the pitch black. Crouching down, she made herself as small as possible against the tunnel wall. From somewhere in the darkness ahead came a sour note, off-key and unpleasant. She held her breath, listening with all her might. A dull clink was followed by a crunching sound that reminded Prissie uneasily of a barn cat eating a mouse. She cupped her hand around her little passenger and curled more tightly, hiding her face on her knees as her heart sent up a silent plea for help.'
-from The Hidden Deep

CORRECTION: The Third Book is THE BROKEN WINDOW. The first chapter is The First Snow.

THE HIDDEN DEEP is the second book of the supernatural series.  Ms. Kinde does not fail .  She wrote a very descriptive sequel to THE HIDDEN DEEP. You get to know the characters from the first book so much better.  I believe I liked this book more so than the first.  It has more mystery and suspense in it.  I found that I couldn't read the pages fast enough, especially after Prissie discovered she has the gift to see angels,  Her world was not the same.  She makes friends with the angels and learning to be a part of a totally different world.  When one of them goes missing, she is warned by some of the angels, but she wants to help and ignores their warning.  She is headed for danger .  The enemy lies right in her path.  Her human world is becoming a strange place more and more as time passes.  Her father seems to have made friends with her rival, Ransom. The story is full of drama, THE HIDDEN DEEP doesn't leave anything lacking.  It has action, angels and some  lessons to be learned.  The only thing I found I didn't like was at the end, you want more.  You want that third book and you don;t want to wait.  But waiting builds the want for more and the wonder of what is going to happen.  I find the author did a marvelous job throughout the book at keeping your attention and kept you wanting more.  Sign of a good book to me.  THE FIRST SNOW is the next book.  Not sure when it comes out. I would definitely recommend this book to the young and the young at heart. What could be better than reading about angels?    Good work, Ms. Kinde.

I would give this book 4 STARS.

I was given a complimentary copy of THE HIDDEN DEEP by Christa Kinde from NightOwlReviews for this unbiased review.

                  When she was seven years old, Prissie Pomeroy fell in love with the mailman

Head in the clouds. Feet on the ground. Heart in the story. Christa Kinde is a cheerful homebody whose imagination takes her to new places with every passing day. Making her home between misty mornings and brimming bookshelves in Southern California, she keeps her lively family close and her trusty laptop closer. Christa has been writing for more than a decade, producing numerous workbooks and study guides for Max Lucado, John MacArthur, and Women of Faith.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for dropping me a note to let me know you'd reviewed The Hidden Deep! I'm delighted you're enjoying the story, and you won't have to wait too much longer for the next installment.


CharleenDJC said...

Hi! Thanks for the review. I'm a publicist at DJC Communications, and we represent Christa. Please shoot me an e-mail at and I'd be happy to send you information on similar titles.