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March 18, 2013

RANDY THE RAINDROP by Patty Jean Wiese

by Patty Jean Wiese

I'm A Little Raindrop!

RANDY THE RAINDROP - I'm A Little RAINDROP! is a rhyming book that the kiddies can learn, listen while Mommy or Daddy reads to them. and enjoy. As they grow a little and start to learn to read, it can be a starter book.
The story is of a little raindrop that falls to the ground and then goes back again.  On its' journey back it visits lots of different countries and on its' journey the little raindrop makes lots of friends from all over the world.having lots of good times.

This children's book is lots of fun to read even for adults. Have we ever taken the time to think about that little raindrop on top of our tot's head or dripping off a tree limb?
The author uses such lively little children using vibrant colors which are very attractive to little ones. The illustrations and the happy little raindrop draw your attention on every page.

The faces of little ones will light up as they read or are read to this delightful book about Randy.  The children's faces and even the animals are all smiling.  It's raining, it's raining.!

The book is well worth the cost, especially when your little one wants to turn those paged faster than you can read them.  The best part is it comes along with a small package of stickers, tattoos and a couple of balloons.
Remember to tell your little one when he sees a raindrop not to forget to say "Hi!"

Inside the  book is the music and words for "I'm A Little Raindrop" and if you visit Randy's website you can listen to the song.  You can also download a free copy of the music sheet!

There is a page of Randy's weather Facts you can read and explain to your little reader.

This is a wonderful book for young and young at heart.  Who says we can't enjoy children's books.  Books are books and they all are delightful.  Go buy this book to have when your grandchild comes to visit or for your own children.  Maybe get a copy for yourself too.

The author Patty Jean Wiese has loved to write since she was a child. Her meteorologist husband's "weather on the brain' has rubbed off on her and inspired her fun weather characters for children. Patty, who enjoys caring for animals, loves the outdoors and gardening. and resides in Portland, Oregon, with their dog .
Randy the Raindrop - made by BAM! Mascots

I received a complimentary copy of the book from the author for the unbiased review.

A Solid FIVE STARS!!!!!!!!


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