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February 13, 2013

A WATERY GRAVE by Lisa Greer

A Watery Grave
A WATERY GRAVE by Lisa Greer

Product Details:
Book Title:  A Watery Grave
Author:  Lisa Greer

Publisher: Muse Publishing
Genre: Gothic, fiction
Length: 2 MB, 21 pages
Reviewer Name: bemiown
Rating: 4 1/2 Stars


A watery grave beckons her...

Governess Catherine Roth finds herself trapped in a cove near Montmoor Hall, at the mercy of Benjamin Montmoor. The professed murderer of Alice Montmoor, he plans for Catherine to share the same watery resting place as the tide rushes in.

Meanwhile, Andrew spirals further into delusion and opium usage as he contemplates the family curse and his enemies. Can Catherine save herself, will the Hall be rid of Benjamin...              


The day passed with ease, but as night drew in, Catherine fretted over Lord Montmoor. She waited as long as she could before knocking on his door after he didn't show up for dinner.

“Lord Montmoor? Please let me in.” She bit her lip, waiting. “I don't care if it's proper. I must see you.” Catherine pounded on the door again.

No sound came from the space.

“Lord Montmoor? Are you in there?” Her breath hitched.

After another minute of silence, Catherine turned the door knob. Unlocked. The door swung open to a room with the stench of smoke and spice filling it—opium. Rumpled bedsheets and disarray met her eyes, but no Lord Montmoor.

Catherine let out a groan of dismay and made her way downstairs slowly, wincing with each step.

Mrs. Ferris was in the dining room helping to clear off the dinner things.

“Have you seen the master? I need to ask him something.” Catherine plastered a smile on her face, feeling anything but calm inside.

“No, I haven't.” Mrs. Ferris frowned. “Come to think of it, love, I did see him lookin' out the window a few minutes ago. Then he rushed outside with no word.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Ferris.” Her throat tight, Catherine took her cape from the coat stand near the door and snatched it on. She pushed down the thoughts of panic that plagued her.

“Miss, do ya think ya should be goin' out of doors?” Mrs. Ferris' tone was sharp at her back.

“I don't care about should. I must. Don't try to detain me.”

Perhaps he saw Benjamin, and he's gone to confront him.

Her gut twisted, and she knew something wasn't right.

“Miss, ya can't go out in this. It's drizzling and gray and so dark.” Mrs. Ferris' hands moved like worried birds as she came to stand at Catherine's side.

“I need to. I want to check on the master.” She touched the other woman's sleeve. “Thank you for your concern. I will be fine.”

The woman nodded. “Hold on a moment.” She bustled back into the room holding a torch. “At least take this, and for God's sake, be careful. We like having ya 'round here.”

Catherine nodded, her eyes filling with tears. “I'll be back in a moment. Don't fear.”

The other woman opened the front door, and Catherine stumbled into the chill, wet, darkness.

She scanned the front yard. No sign of Lord Montmoor. Where would he have gone? A howling sound in the distance made her skin prickle, and her teeth chattered in the wind as it played with her dress.

“Montmoor!” her call went out softly as she moved forward into the darkness, the torch flickering in the spattering rain. Cold stole into her bones, and she trembled.

No answer, and her unease grew. Perhaps he went into the city and didn't tell me..

“Lord Montmoor, please! If you're out here, show yourself.” She rounded the side of the house, some distance from it, as far as she dared go in the elements.

A hand snaked around her mouth, and stifled her scream.

Lord Montmoor appeared to be playing with Catherine in some respects. If he wanted her to share A WATERY GRAVE with him, why not just grab her and go?. Catherine appears to be a bit spineless at the beginning of the book.  She just needs to get herself together and find a way out.  Don't just wait for bad things to happen, leave, or at least try to. You also wonder through the book why did Alice go to her watery grave.  Was it by accident, no, since Lord Montmoor professed to doing it.  Why was he not locked up for the crime?  Did he have too much clout?  The book is full of questions as you read.  It doesn't give you a chance to stop and put the book down.   You keep reading and keep turning those pages. The book is fairly fast paced which keeps you reading and no time for, maybe I'll finish tomorrow. As far as the secondary characters, the author placed them in the right scenes and she used the characters at the right times.   The setting the author chose was chilling, which put more atmosphere and suspense on the story line.  The cover of the book is astounding.  It draws you into the book to begin with.  You just want to start the book because of the cover. The author couldn't have done a better job of writing this book.  It leads you to  the question, where's the next?  This is the fourth in the Montmoor books.  Is there going to be a fifth?  There has to be. I'd recommend this book to anyone, even if you're not a Goth reader. 

Cudoos to you, author, Lisa Greer for a fabulous book. You're going places.

I received this book, A WATERY GRAVE by Lisa Greer from Manic Readers for this unbiased review.

I give this book 4 1/2 STARS.

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