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January 6, 2013

WHOEVER YOU ARE by Donna Lanheady


Does our family define us, our labor, our career?  When something changes, is what defines you changed?

Emily McGinn, a character from WHERE SECRETS LIE, thinks she knows who she is and where she belongs.   Then, she receives an inheritance from someone unknown. Emily discovers unknown truths changing what she thought was a cut and dried life.  The truth that Emily learned made her ownself change as well.

This story was set in the foothills of Boulder, Colorado.  The book not only makes us look at how we define ourselves but how others define us.
Emily McGinn led a sheltered life with siblings and amazing parents.  Now everything she believed is a lie. She  doesn't know what to do.  She researches and finds a past that she does not like and is not happy. How can she live with herself and the wealth.  Will  the new wealth go to  something good or will it be evil?

The author does such wonders describing the the Colorado surroundings, almost brings them alive.The book was a wonderful book,  It was a quick page turner that you didn't want to put down. The story was very gripping along with the characters that you almost could become.

Whoever You AreEmily was a strong willed person.  She handles situations with a great deal of  'take charge attitude'   She had a lot of self control.  She didn't get mad at her parents for keeping things from her.  This was a good read and it was full of drama.I really didn't care for the gay  partners. To me that wasn't needed.
  What will Emily do with the inheritance?

The author gave me a copy of the book WHOEVER YOU ARE for this unbiased review.  I'd like to thank her for the wonderful experience.

                   I'll love you Em', WHOEVER YOU ARE!
                          (taken from the last page of book)

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