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December 12, 2012


                                  SECRET SINISTER LIVES?
It's 1644. Parliament has gone against the King and siege has come upon N.Y.

A Midwife is in a different kind of battle. A friend has been convicted of murder. She's committed murder and she will have to face the consequences. The real murderer is skillfully covering his tracks. Investigations from powerful homes to alleyway hovels. SECRET SINISTER LIVES, from the rich to the poor.
"May the Lord affect our hearts with the sad fruits of wasting wars."

Quote: "In the tradition of Arianna Franklin and C.J. Sansom comes Samuel Thomas' remarkable debut."

How does the author fare against them?

I would say quite good, well maybe, d_____ good!

There are more than one plot going at a time, a baby that's been murdered, A Lord that has appeared to have been poisoned, and others. All of these combine to make one central plot. No doubt this is a page turner and a stay open book.
It was very well written, His characters and settings had fantastic traits. Example: The women were very strong. The servants were more skilled with knives than any woman should be. The way the midwives were described with their fascinating skills. There were also great descriptions of the English war. The mysteries were hard to figure out, about the time you thought you had, you turned the page. The author described in detail and authentically the 17th century life.

My reaction is: Hold your britches on cause here comes SAM THOMAS. Look out all you other authors. Competition is here to stay. No doubt a fantastic read.

I give the book 4 1/2 stars

I received a complimentary copy of this e-book, The Midwife's Tale, from Net Galley on behalf of St. Martin's Press for this review.

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