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December 12, 2012

BLOODLINES by Neville Frankel

A beautiful love story. Two remarkable people, (because they had a passion for happiness as they fight against injustice).

From the age of seven when he began his new life in Boston, Steven Green thought he was the child of a dead mother - a woman who sacrificed her life.

The story is told across 5 decades with 4 main characters. The events occurred in Johannesburg and along the Rhodesian border in 1955, Steve Green's mother was Michaela Green.
Not until Steve was middle age did he get some of the answers to his questions. This is a long tale and it has to do with a legacy not left by his mother.

The author, Neville Frankel, was very descriptive in his writing. Example, 'a country both beautiful and brutal.'...bone and cartilage snapped.' You could almost hear the bones snapping. 'The tan of the winter grass.' You can see the once green grass that is now tan. The book flowed quite well with the exception of a few long lines. Some lines could have been broken into two or three lines. The long lines were a little difficult to follow.

The paragraph about the impassioned struggle against the apartheid, you can feel the passion. Steven's childhood mourning of his mother. You can feel the overwhelming sadness that this child must feel.

The question that became more and more important to him,'whether he was kissed goodbye at kindergarten by his mother and if he returned the kiss.' I thought about this part for a long time. The situations in our lives that haunt us because we don't have the answers or know what exactly happened. It becomes like an obsession.

The book is well written and very well thought out.This book, hopefully will make others take notice.

I received a complimentary e-copy of this book from Net Galley on behalf of the author Neville Frankel for this review.

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