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December 31, 2012


available 1-15-2013

1913: In a sprawling manor on the outskirts of London, three young women seek to fulfill their destinies and desires amidst the unspoken rules of society and the distant rumblings of war. . . .
Rowena Buxton
Three young girls were raised in a bohemian household by Sir Philip Buxton. They grew into beautiful and capable young women, even though the house defied Edwardian tradition. Each one was taught different things.  Rowena the oldest, was taught to value people instead of fame and riches. When Sir Phillip dies, she will be put to the test about what she's been taught. The uncle takes over guardianship of the girls when Sir Philip dies. The huge family estate is called SUMMERSET ABBEY.  Rowena must decide where she stands when a beloved family member is sent to the "underclass" and put into a social circle called the Cunning Coterie, which is run by "rebels".

Victoria Buxton
Victoria was rather frail but filled with abundant spirit.  She dreams of going to university.  She wants to become a botanist like her father.  This is considered un-ladylike.  She has another secret. She unwittingly found out about a family scandal that could change all of their lives forever.....

Prudence Tate
Prudence  was born a governess's daughter and to the lord of SUMMERSET ABBEY.  She was brought up with the same love as Victoria and Rowena.  Their bond was as though they were blood sisters. But, because of her birth parents she is a commoner who has her place in society—as a maid to her beloved “sisters.”  She no more belongs  in the world of household staff than  she belongs with the Buxton girls. Then a young lord grabs her attention.  She wonders if she'll ever belong at SUMMERSET ABBEY

Will the girls split up and no longer be sisters?  Prudence was brought up with luxuries just like the other two, but will she take her place as a commoner?  I felt the book could have been a little more descriptive.
It wasn't a real page turner for me.  The book was good, it just lacked something.  I rate it at 3 stars.

T.J. Brown's sweeping trilogy is set in Edwardian England with SUMMERSET ABBEY as her fiction debut. She lives in Portland, Oregon.

I received this complimentary e-copy of SUMMERSET ABBEY from Net Galley on behalf of the author T.J. Brown for this unbiased review.

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