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December 27, 2012


please only read if you're over 18

DIVINE MATCHES (An Erotic / Erotica Mythological Anthology)

There are sizzling stories that  are hot and sometimes you may have to fan yourself to go on. The stories will definitely make the temperature go up
The book seems to have an undertone of evil.  It will definitely make you think  There is a variety which will surely have something for everyone. It is definitely a good read and the title tells all, DIVINE MATCHES!
(contains multiple partners, sex toys, M/M , F/F)
Divine Matches EXCERPT from "The Bacchae" by Elliott Mabeuse
With a whimper of urgency Penelope fell back on the blanket and Meneus covered her body with his own, feeling her warmth. Now that she knew what to do with her mouth, she was all over him with all the eagerness of her youth and with a boldness that surprised both of them. He felt her tremble as his hands found her body beneath her chiton and took her breasts in his hands, small and perfect, her nipples already stiff with excitement.                  
"Penelope..." he sighed as she kissed him.

In her excitement she rolled him over on his back and he let her, amused at her audacity. He hadn't expected her to be such an eager lover, but perhaps there truly was some excitement in the air from the Dionysia. Perhaps even Penelope felt its effects.

He felt her hands hurriedly parting his cloak, searching for him, and he lie uncomplaining on his back beneath the stars, waiting to see what she would do. She grasped the hem of his tunic and threw it back, suddenly exposing his cock, erect and proud like a column of ivory in the silvery moonlight, his foreskin back, the head glistening. She gasped with excitement.

"Oh Meneus!" she said, taking his cock in her small hand. "It's magnificent!"

He laughed. "It's the first one you've ever seen." he said.

Penelope objected. "Not so. I've seen the boys in the gymnasium."

"But not erect."

"No," she said, "Not like this!" She slid down his body for a closer look.

"Let me kiss it, Meneus! May I kiss it? Oh, I must!"

He watched astonished as she lowered her face to his cock and planted a soft, wet kiss on it, then opened her mouth and took him inside. Never had a girl done this to him before, and he certainly hadn't expected it of little Penelope. It filled him with sudden hot lust for her, not just from the sensation but from the appearance of her subservience as she closed her eyes in bliss, holding him in her hot wet mouth, exploring him with her tongue. He wondered briefly where she had learned such a thing, but then as her pink lips slid up the length of his aching rod he stopped thinking of anything.
The entire world seemed to go silent and watch as Penelope slaved over his loins, sucking on him with her soft, virginal mouth.

Stories included in the DIVINE MATCHES are:
  • SEDUCING THE SWORD by Dakota Trace
  • INTO THE WOODS by Cherry Lee
  • CUPID'S CONFESSION by Carl Hose   a little spice, a little sex and a little humor
  • BLACK BEAR SKIN by Erin O'Riordan  sweet and HOT all at once
  • HEF'S REVENGE by Ursula Grey
  • LOVE AND DUTY by Deb Varva
  • EROS THE REVEALER by Elliott Mabeuse
  • SPOILS OF WAR by Raev Gray and Aleksandr Voinov
  • THE SEDUCTION OF SIR GALAHAD by J. E. Taylor  mystic, romantic and old fashioned sex?
  • ARTEMIS AND ACTEON by Selena Kitt  hot, scorned lover
  • THE BACCHAE by Elliott Mabeuse
  • TO LOVE A GOD by J. M. Snyder
This book is a definite page turner.  You can't help but get mentally involved.  I find that Penelope wasn't quite as innocent as first thought. She had no problem with that "virgin mouth".  She knew exactly what to do when she threw back his tunic, exposing his shimmering hard on. She didn't have to stop and think.  The stories were extremely good and well written. I think a good word for them would be, HOT.

I was given a complimentary copy of DIVINE MATCHES to read by the author, Erin O'Riordan for this unbiased review.

// Matches by Selena Kitt

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