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May 14, 2015



Pump Up Your Book


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Pump Up Your Book is pleased to bring you Jody M. Mabry’s THE TREASURE AT DEVIL’S HOLE virtual book tour May 4-29!

The author wrote a wonderful adventure that was hilarious for both children and adults.  The author wove an imaginative web that brightens the reader's mind with such life while the plot is unfolding. Very creative.  The center of the book is about a lovable boy, Francis "Bug" Mosser as he goes on an adventure of huge proportions including everything from  dastardly villains and hidden treasures.  All during this adventure he was trying to impress Melanie Grainger with a crush he had on her.  This book grabs you and as you turn the pages you are right there with the characters and it doesn't stop even at the end of the book.  When it is finished you want even more.   This book is like a modern classic.  (I know a lot of the reviewers have said that, but it's true)  The author put in a wondrous building of characters and the world.  From putting strong plot foundations once on and then building on them as the story continues.  The author gives you a little bit of everything.  Action, adventure, fun, comedy and drama.  I found with all  of this the reader is always into the book and always has something to turn that page for.
I would recommend this book not only for middle graders but for adults as well.  We are never too old to enjoy an adventure.  It's good for the soul.

I received a complimentary copy of TREASURE AT DEVIL'S HOLE from the author, Jody M. Mabry and Pump Up Your Book Virtual Book Tours for my view of the book.

I would give this book 5 STARS.

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PUYB Inside the Book

The Treasure at Devil's Hole 3Title: The Treasure at Devil’s Hole
Author: Jody Mabry
Publisher: Maybury and Gilliam Literary
Pages: 220
Genre: Middle Grade Children’s
Format: Paperback/Kindle
How would you feel if you knew you had a legendary treasure right in your own back yard? Francis “Bug” Mosser knows, and will do nearly anything to find it, even if it means defying the most villainous person he knows—Mom!
Standing in Bug’s way is his nemesis Tad Pricket, the red headed, pock-holed bully who’s suddenly been seen walking Bug’s girl, Melanie, home from school—worse, the walk ends with a kiss. Then there is the mysterious bald stranger and Miss Julia Brandon’s boyfriend who seems a little “too-classy” for the town of Possum Trot.
With the help of his brothers, and best friend Billy—along with his not-so-secret desire to impress Melanie Grainger—Bug goes off in search of fortune and glory, thwarting bad guys, stolen clothes, and explosions to find the one surprise about the treasure that he would have never dreamed of…
“Jody M. Mabry’s “The Treasure at Devil’s Hole” is a refreshing return to classic adventure, a genuine stand-out among modern YA fare. It calls to mind works such as “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer,” right down to the requisite treasure hunting, villains, expansive caverns, complicated young love, and rule-breaking exploits intelligent, free-spirited boys simply can’t resist. Well written and wonderfully paced, it keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish, with a clever resolution you never saw coming. I found this to be a delightful read, and in fact completed the book in one sitting, unable to put it down. Looking forward to Mabry’s next work, I hope one is in the works.” – Amazon reviewer

For More Information

  • The Treasure at Devil’s Hole is available at Amazon.
  • Discuss this book at PUYB Virtual Book Club at Goodreads.

PUYB Meet the Author

Jody MabryBorn at Great Lakes Naval Base in Illinois, Jody has had the opportunity to live in places such as Cuba, St. Croix USVI, Mississippi, Illinois, and Kenosha, Wisconsin, where he spent the teen years of his life in an 1800’s farmhouse that was, of course, haunted. At fourteen Jody first heard the story of Arizona’s “Lost Dutchman Mine,” sparking an interest in adventure, ghost towns, and lost treasure. Always prone to telling a good story, Jody now passes on the tradition to his children who will no doubt find their own treasure someday. Jody and his family live in the charming Linden Hills neighborhood of Minneapolis, Minnesota.
His lastest book is the middle grade novel, The Treasure at Devil’s Hole.
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