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October 30, 2017


 Vigilante Assassin: An Action Thriller (Jake Wolfe Book 2) by [Nolan, Mark]

An Action Thriller
Jake Wolfe Series
Book Two
Mark Nolan

Every marriage has a secret, but this one is deadly. Lauren Stephens wakes up to find her husband, Gene, has vanished during the night. His phone is dead. Desperate, she hires Jake Wolfe and his war dog, Cody. They search the house and discover something so disturbing that Jake won’t allow Lauren near it. “No, if you see this, there is no unseeing it.”

Lauren thought she had it all: a loving partner, two great kids, a successful business, and a beautiful home in the San Francisco hills. But all of that is about to come crashing down, due to a missing husband, a hidden past, and a frightening secret that will shock a trusting wife to the core. Gene had enemies, and now they want something from Lauren.

Jake Wolfe is a flawed man who has a habit of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He wants to leave his secret, violent past behind him, but when Lauren and her children are threatened, his protective instinct takes command. Jake soon finds himself involved in a dangerous conspiracy, targeted for death, and engaged in battle with a powerful, unseen group who will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Jake’s going to have to think fast and fight hard to protect Cody, Lauren and her kids.

Vigilante Assassin is “Jake Wolfe book two” in the ongoing series. It can be read as a stand-alone, or you can start with book one, titled: Dead Lawyers Don’t Lie.

Both of these Kindle Unlimited books in the Jake Wolfe mystery thriller novel series are available to read for free with your subscription to Kindle Unlimited.


Mark NolanAbout the Author

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Mark Nolan is the author of Dead Lawyers Don't Lie, and the sequel, Vigilante Assassin. He began his writing career as a successful entrepreneur who created news stories for businesses that were featured in The Wall Street Journal, National Geographic, Parade, Reader's Digest and The Associated Press. Nolan was born in San Francisco, grew up in the Bay Area of California, and has also lived in the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii. He has raised two great kids and one very smart retriever dog. Currently, he's writing Jake Wolfe Book 3. He also tries to make time every day to answer emails from readers. You can reach him and subscribe to his newsletter at  


This is the sequel to "DEAD LAWYERS DON'T LIE" of which I read.   I would definitely recommend reading it first since it is an introduction to the series.    Book Three is being written now. 

How well do we know someone who is close to us? What about the person we are married to?   Everyone has secrets and every marriage has secrets, whether we like to admit it or not.  But Lauren Stephens thinks she knows her man, her husband.  Her life is perfect or so she thinks. She has it all,  a beautiful house,  a thriving business,  she is beautiful, two lovely children and she has a husband she adores.   Well, here's where the secrets start to emerge.   What would you think if you woke up one morning and your husband wasn't there?   I don't just mean lying next to you. I mean GONE!  No trace, nothing is amiss anywhere, other than there is no Gene.  Jake Wolfe is an unconventional hero,  a past he wants to forget, a violent past that haunts him night and day.  His constant partner is Cody who has PTSD.  No, not what you think.  Cody is what is called a war dog.  That is a dog that is trained so well that he can sense your next move, obeys commands and defends with ultimate commitment.   So Jake Wolfe is hired to find Lauren's husband, where he is, what happened to him.   She is used to snapping her fingers and people jump, but not so with Jake.  Jake is his own man and he isn't about to change that.  Cody might have something to do with that.  As Jake and Cody begin going through Lauren's house,  Jake discovers a hidden room and the mystery gets deeper and deeper.  What he finds even takes Jake to another level.  This was something that wouldn't be easily erased from the mind.   Did her husband have a past and present  that he was hiding?   This is a husband that Lauren thought she knew well but she has found out, she didn't know him at all.  Someone had it in for Gene, but why?  Now Lauren is in the middle and they want something from her.  She and her children are in danger and Jake has always defended women and children, but does he want to go to a violent place once again?  This could lead to the death of him, Lauren and her children, and even Cody.  The people on the hunt won't stop until they succeed in their mission.   Can this unconventional rebel take on a powerful group that is threatening what he now cares about.?

I read a lot and this is a book that I definitely will read again.  I look forward to Book Three to continue with Jake Wolfe and Cody.   The author wrote with so much reality you could vividly picture what was happening.  I could see Jake with his stark good looks and yet that rebel appearance. Cody, well Cody was more than a dog.  He was a partner and a partner you could rely on without doubt.  You wish you had that.  And yes, there was someone in Jake's life.   You could picture her in her horn rimmed glasses and hair pulled back in a pony tail.  Wow! You wouldn't think Jake would have this woman in his life.   Isn't life strange?   That is just what this book brings out.  Strange and yet so believable. It could happen.  Think about it.  Startling to say the least.   So I encourage you to read, read and read.  Jake Wolfe is a man you won't forget!  And Cody, he's almost human!

I received a copy of this book from the author and voluntarily decided to review it.

I would give this book 5  STARS.  AMAZON REVIEW LINK

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