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October 27, 2017


(A Medical Thriller)
Nancy Fulton

Who knew having a baby could be so darn dangerous? Roslyn and Jacob Kent, members of Hollywood's jet set, had every luxury money could buy except the ability to conceive on their own. Seeking a little elite fertility treatment wasn't supposed to put them at the mercy of a psychopath. Do you have to love your slightly demented kid less because he is a monster genetically engineered by a mad man? Maybe that's just a reason to love him more...

 Nancy Fulton is a writer/producer living and working in Los Angeles. When she's not writing screenplays or working for the 25,000+ writers, screenwriters, producers, and performers she supports through weekly events, she enjoys writing the kind of novels and graphic novels she likes to read.

"I think the best science-based thrillers are set just fifteen minutes into the future." -- Nancy Fulton


When greed and craziness meet, Rosyln and Jacob Kent didn't expect what they were soon to get.    They were seeking some fertility options and what they got was perhaps something they thought was too good to be true.  They are a rich couple in Hollywood.  They have enough money they can buy anything, anything they want, except. That exception being conceiving a child without outside help.  A demented Doctor Moore (was he really demented?), sells babies.  He sells babies to the richest of rich who have been unable to conceive.  These children come into this world perfect. They are supposed to be perfect in every way.   This is a perfect chance for Rosyln and Jacob to have that perfect child, a child that will grow and make them proud. No lawyers, no surrogate mother, no lengthy waits, just easy as pie.  Just the normal pregnancy wait of nine months.  None months the Kents have been waiting for.  But can this doctor be trusted?   What is he hiding?  There's more to meet the eye.  It can't be this easy, this perfect. Soon the Kent's want, desire and dream to have a child of their own will become not a dream but just the opposite, a nightmare. Will this couple get what they dreamed of?  Will this child be perfect, or will this child be a monster.?  Perhaps flawed in a way that only a mother could love? What if the mother's love turns to a love of sacrifice, perhaps even murder?   This story is fiction but could this happen in the near future?   Will human engineering become the norm?   What a beautiful story this is to start with but soon the evil emerges and the light of the future becomes dark. 
I received a copy of this book from the author and voluntarily decided to review it.  

I would give this book 5  STARS. 


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