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June 1, 2017

PENNY (What's the story behind it?)

Penny Front Clip ArtPENNY
Hands I passed through...
Things I saw...
Peter Davidson
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Penny Front Clip ArtHave you ever looked at a coin in the palm of your hand and wondered where it has been, what it has seen and heard, and what stories it could tell?

Well in a nutshell, that is what PENNY is about as this very special one cent piece passes through the  hands of ordinary people. the famous, the infamous, the saints, the sinners and hangs out in churches, honkytonks and everywhere in between. This book tells the stories of the people whose hands PENNY passes through.

Why is this particular penny so special? Well, because it was the final penny ever minted of 95% copper, on October 22, 1982.  After that, all one cent pieces are pathetic and puny, consisting of 97.5% zinc with only a touch of copper thrown in. That's why.

After reading PENNY, you might never again be able to pass by a penny lying on the ground without at least giving a thought to picking it up and putting it in your pocket.

Every book should be dedicated to someone or something, and this book is dedicated to the penny pinchers of the world. Okay, also to the penny hoarders.

PENNY is Peter Davidson's twenty eighth published book. AMAZON BUY LINK

Penny Front Clip ArtMY THOUGHTS:

 Do we ever think about the coins we have in our pockets, wallets, purses or even one we might find on the ground?   It's amazing and interesting to think of where that coin has been and in whose hands that coin has been handled. From the day the coin is  made to the day it is lost or destroyed, it has been in many hands, and many places.   One day, that one cent, that PENNY was very valuable.  It could buy much much more than today.  It was valued.   If a penny was seen lying on the ground, you grabbed it, you didn't say, it's just a penny.   If that penny could talk, what a story you would hear.  You'd probably hear things you never knew and perhaps what no one else ever heard.  History is held by that penny, a mere penny. Today the quality of the penny isn't even close to what it was when it was first minted.   It is now made with 97.5% zinc with just a dab of copper.  The penny was once COPPER.  If you've ever held a COPPER penny and the newer penny, you can tell in the feel of the penny.   I remember saving pennies and when having enough, taking them to the bank to change for dollar bills.   Those were the days.   People in the day, saved their nickels, dimes and even their pennies.   I guess, as the author says we were penny pinchers.  We watched every penny that we spent. A person had to, a penny was valuable and it may have meant having something to eat or not, but now a penny doesn't mean quite the same.  People pass pennies laying on the ground every day, they just don't think it's worth picking it up.   Then we have the hoarders, those who save those pennies, by the mere fact, some day they may be worth something more than one cent.  The date and place minted mean a lot to collectors.  A penny used to be able to buy a couple pieces of bubble gum or penny candy.  Young people today, don't know what penny candy was.

The author writes about the stories of the people who have held that precious penny in their hand, and the many places that penny went and the many hands that held that penny.  A very interesting book about a mere penny.  It will make you stop and think about those pennies in your coin jar, your pocket or hidden away in your collection.  I don't believe I've ever read such an interesting book on such a different subject.   Who would have thought a penny could be interesting?

If you're a coin collector, a penny pincher,  a person who remembers the day when the penny was valuable, then pick up a copy of this book and remember when.

I received a copy of this book from the author and voluntarily decided to review it.

I would give this book 5 PENNIES. Penny Front Clip ArtPenny Front Clip ArtPenny Front Clip ArtPenny Front Clip ArtPenny Front Clip Art



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