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May 12, 2017


 Unfortunate Behavior by [Veldt, Marc David]

Marc David Veldt

Anchorage television celebrity Kenai Hartly runs a red light while driving drunk. He kills one young man and maims another. Kenai accepts no personal responsibility for his actions or the pain he has inflicted on two good families. Instead, he and his powerful father plot legal maneuvers and media manipulation in an effort to evade justice.

For Dr. Jack Andrews, a man who despises hypocrisy and arrogance, this is unforgivable. In the wind and snow of the Alaskan wilderness, he'll face the remorseless Kenai in a battle that barrels to a shocking conclusion.

Marc David Veldt has spent more than thirty five years as an operating room physician. He has always been fascinated by the contrast between the medical profession's public face and it's private culture, UNFORTUNATE BEHAVIOR is a follow up to his first thriller, UNFORTUNATE EVENT.

Revenge is sweet, or is it?   Dr. Jack Andrews is now looking past the revenge he bestowed on the corruption that destroyed him.   On and forward to the future in this  second  book which the author has given the reader and adventure that is filled with action, adventure and the need to survive.   Feeling as though justice has been fulfilled, at least in a way, Jack heads to Alaska to take a part time job and put his life back together.  Then reality strikes.  A young man dead, another hurt badly, all because of the son of a wealthy businessmen.  Driving drunk, he created this tragedy. You would think he would feel sorrow, badly for the men and their families.  But,  Kenai Hartly is only intent on evading prosecution.  This doesn't set well with Jack.   The injured man from the accident is a family friend.  Jack, once again is seeing how the system fails the victims and caters to the wealthy, who sometimes can wiggle their way out of being prosecuted.  The legal system at times is so terribly damaged.   SO! what does Jack do?  Will he take a step into what caused him so much grief before?   Will he be the one to bring justice down with a vengeance? 

The author gives you a man, Jack, who could easily be a friend, a neighbor or even a family member, who has been done wrong by the justice system.   He seeks revenge and then tries to forget and move on.  BUT it seems like another injustice follows him.   The author doesn't let the good guy off that easy.   He's there for a reason and the author leaves it up to the reader to figure out what that reason is.  Someone has to  stand up for justice, will it be Jack?   

You gotta love Jack and you wish you had someone like Jack on your side.  The author gives you just that in this book.  Jack is the one, the one who will stand up for the victim and their families.

A well written, short, concise and very much to the point. No frivolous icing on the cake.  Just plain, good Jack.  I liked the fact the story presented the case, went on and didn't add a lot of unnecessary words.   I would suggest though, that you might want to read the first book, UNFORTUNATE EVENT to get the background on Jack and what his revenge was.

So if you like short stories with a hero of sorts, justice for those who are treated unjustly by the system, then grab this book and you'll fall in love with Jack and his values.

I received a copy of this book from the author and voluntarily decided to review it.

I would give this book 5 STARS.


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