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March 17, 2017

FLASHPOINT - Money is Powerful

 John Glasby
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Dave Tremaine arrives in Fenton looking for an old friend and finds a murder.

Now he's looking for revenge.
But where to start?
The man framed for the crime, Luke Corrie, was released under suspicious circumstances and his boss, Jed Sabine, has the whole of Fenton under his control.
The doctor of the town seems to have ideas of his own about who's to blame and no one else will answer any of Dave's questions.
Even the Sheriff answers to Sabine's demands.
It seems that if Dave Tremaine wants justice, he'll have to take on the whole town to get it.
But Dave Finds unexpected allies in Luke Corrie's family-especially his sharp shooting and even sharper tongued sister, Virginia.
Will they clear her brother's name and discover the true killer?
Will the people of Fenton ever stand up to Sabine and his gang?


JOHN GLASBY was born in 1928  and graduated from University with an honours degree in C Hemistry. He started his career as a research chemist for I.C.I. in 1952, and worked for them until his retirement. During the early 1960's Glasby wrote dozens of paperback westerns, all of which were reprinted in hardcover and paperback four decades later. Following his retirement from I.C.I. Glasby produced a steady stream of new westerns, science fiction and crime novels, right up to his death in 2010.

The author gives us a topic that we all have probably thought of at one time or another, revenge. Dave Tremaine starts out searching for an old friend and what he finds isn't what he wanted, MURDER! Dave's friend and partner, Clem was shot in the back and left for dead. Fenton is a place where the law lies in one person's control, Jed Sabine.  Jed's employee, Luke Corrie was possibly framed but then released.   Dave starts asking questions but no one is cooperative.  Are they afraid of Jed Sabine?   He even has the sheriff wrapped around his little finger.  So it looks like Dave is on his own. Seeking justice without the law backing him up.  But to his surprise, Luke's sister is a sharp shooter and has a tongue to go with it.  With her help, maybe Dave can clear Luke's name and find the real killer. The author gives you lots of questions to try to answer.
The author doesn't skimp on action, background and suspense.   

One is why was Clem shot in the back?  What for?  Will Jed lose control of the town?  Will a replacement sheriff be on the way and could that sheriff be Dave?   Grab a copy and see what happens to Dave.  There might even be a romance in the making, who knows?   Another good western read from Pioneering Press and their fabulous authors.

I received a copy of this book from the author and Pioneering Press and voluntarily decided to review it.  

I would give this book 4 STARS. 


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