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March 22, 2017

DEARIE - Gita Reddy

 Dearie: A Tale of Courage (Short Chapter Books for Ages 8-10) by [Reddy, Gita V.]

A Tale of Courage
Short Chapter Books
Ages 8-10
Gita Reddy

 How brave must a deer be? Brave enough to flee from danger, naturally.
Everything frightens Dearie and makes him freeze. When he is faced with danger, real or imagined, he is unable to move a muscle. His fear becomes a threat to the herd and he is made to leave it. He must live alone, alone with his fears amidst the dangers that abound all around him.
Dearie is a tale of courage because courage is not the absence of fear but the triumph over it.

From the Author

Gita V. Reddy on her Chapter Books Series
My Chapter Book Series is an attempt to inculcate the love of reading in all children, transitioning beginning readers to more advanced readers, and reluctant readers into beginning readers. The books are also read-alouds for younger readers who are able to follow a story but have not learnt to read fluently. 
Early readers will delight in being able to read the whole book by themselves, and will move on to bigger books. For reluctant readers, the length of the book will make it easier to get them to read, and introduce them to the magic of the written word. Younger readers may be encouraged to read a chapter or two, with the rest of the book being read aloud to them. 
The books in this series have short chapters, and the average word count of a book is 5000 words. The series also introduces children to different genres. Dearie is an animal story, The Real Magician is a fantasy, Krishta, Daughter of Martev is a science fiction book, and The Forbidden Forest is an adventure tale, and so on.

A great learning book for children on how to rely on yourself.  The book has some easy to understand drawing that go with the short chapters.  Sometimes new and young readers feel overwhelmed by a long book.  But with the book, it's short and gets the point across. Perfect for those young ones who are fearful of long books.   
We have a deer and such a sweet name it has, Dearie.  Dearie appears to be weak and you're not sure if Dearie can survive in the world.  But Dearie soon becomes strong independent.  But Dearie still had some problems.  He was afraid of danger.  He just didn't know what to do and he absolutely froze.   
Finally the herd decides that Dearie has to go and learn how to master his fears.  He has to learn how to survive.  That means facing wild animals.  That would be enough to scare anyone.  What is going to happen to Dearie?  Can he survive with a courage that he must find?  OR will he forever be on his own, freezing at the least hint of danger?   He misses his herd but he can't go back until he conquers his fears.
If your young one has some fears and is worried about things, get them this little book and help them as they read it.   The story helps you see the strong points you have and how you can put them to use.
From the book:

‘The Wise Old Doe looked at Dearie. Never was born such a delicate fawn in the forest. She murmured, “The poor little thing will not live through the night. How his heart palpitates through his skinny ribs! I’m sure he’ll die.”

Will the Wise Old Doe be right?

We need as many of these teaching books that we can possibly get.  Children need direction on everything.   

I received a copy of this book from the author, Ms. Gita Reddy and voluntarily decided to review it.

I would give this book 5   STARS.

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