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January 15, 2017


The Sleeping Detective Series
An August Chase Novel
Book One
Charles R. Hinckley

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Dream State: The Sleeping Detective Series Book One

ISBN-13: 978-1520202808
ISBN-10: 1520202806

August Chase is an ordinary man plagued by extraordinary precognitive dreams. When he foresees the brutal murder of a young woman, he tracks her down to warn her. His warnings go unheeded, and the dreamed murder becomes a reality. The victim’s sister, frustrated by slow police work, enlists August’s help, and he is launched into his first case as a private investigator. Delving deep into the victim’s life, he soon discovers a common thread in the shadowy world that may have claimed her. This is book One of the August Chase Mystery Series.


Charles R Hinckley Charles R. Hinckley is an author, audiobook producer, playwright, actor and fine artist. His short stories and articles have been published by online magazines, and News America Syndicate. As a producer/voice actor, Charles has several titles available on Audible and Amazon.

Inspiration for his novel Dream State came when he had a precognitive experience. He saw a crime happen just before it was committed. After this experience he began to realize the potential for exploring this phenomenon in the form of fiction.


The Dream, Saving Pablo Carrillo happened only after being killed several times in the same dream.   The same dream of being in a large car on a suspension bridge.  It was like being in a disco the way the lights flashed through the girders and then left a shadow on the guardrails.    But in a second, looking down is nothing but water, deep black water.   As you read your throat tightens and your heart starts to beat faster.   You're held there right with Pablo, in his dream, dying..  August Chase has no control over his visions. He's not trained and has no experience in this area, but he still has these visions.   The author gives the reader a chance to follow August as he learns how to use his dreams.  He has help from other interesting characters such as the Hacker King.   The pace is quick but not so much that you lose touch with what's happening.  The author is quite good at placing the reader right where Chase and the other characters are and what's happening.   It was frustrating to me that Chase was seeing what was going to happen but he couldn't get anyone to believe him. That is until it's too late.    Wake up people!
I liked the concept of the dreams.   Dreams are a strange happening.   They can put you in the past, the present and the future.   If you remember the dream, then it's how you interpret it and how you might put it to someone's advantage.   Are Chase's visions a good thing or bad?   It's definitely a blessing if it's used in the right way and of course, if the right people believe you, or just think you're a little whacked.  Everyone dreams at one time or another,  Some dreams are so vivid that you remember them for a long time, some you don't remember at all.    Many dreams turn into nightmares.   
SO if you love detective stories, dreams/nightmares, the unknown, suspense, thrills, then the author gives you all of it.   Grab this first book of the series and you'll want more.    Try it!

I received a copy of this book from the author and Word Slinger Publicity and voluntarily decided to review it.

I would give this book  4  STARS. 


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