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January 18, 2017


David Trock 


Fans of Dennis Lehane, Tana French, and Michael Connolly, meet Detective Robin Noel, a no-nonsense former cop who must endure the horror of investigating a friend's death. Robin is confident that she has solved the case, though a jury's guilty verdict doesn't bring peace. In this psychologically, morally complex mystery, Robin is forced to examine her own abilities and explore the question of faith inside the courtroom.  

About the Author

About the author: David Trock has written in several genres, notably non-fiction in the field of medicine. His book, Healing Fibromyalgia, provided insight into a common source of chronic pain. His book chapters and journal articles have been widely published. Dr. Trock s interest in the human mind motivated him to write the novel, A Religion Called Lovea modern exploration of the limits of behavior and the lasting impact of choices made by ordinary people. He is married with two grown children and lives in Connecticut."

This is David Trock's first novel.  I was amazed at the characters and how interesting their personalities were.    The story starts with a kindergarten teacher, Kathryn James.  Kathryn has 20 children in her class and they all adore her.    She doesn't intend to be controversial but it seems like it follows her everywhere she goes.  She was only 28 but questions have come to surface about her unorthodox religious beliefs, this is dividing believers and non-believers alike.   She is confronted by parents who are quite angry. She is found murdered and the circumstances were quite from the normal. After her death a manuscript was found called A  RELIGION CALLED LOVE.   Some think this is payback for her stand on some social issues.  For this being a first novel, the author is quite skillful in his character development and his plot development.   The author gives the reader plenty of suspense with a wide range of characters.   A mystery you can get your mind around.  I did have one problem with the book, though.  There was so much going on in this book,   religion, cloning, love, murder, mystery, suspense and more.   It takes a while to sort it all out and keep track of what is going on.  After Kathryn's death, a Detective Robin Noel is trying to find who killed Kathryn.    Three men, are suspects in this mystery.  Three very different men with possible different reasons to kill Kathryn. One is the man who loved her deeply.    Many questions, several suspects, controversial beliefs all spin a web of mystery that has to be unwoven.   Read this book and see if you can untangle the web.   Is it the man who loved her, one of the angry parent's or someone completely unknown?     Quite a novel for a debut.   Check it out and see for yourself. The author takes you into many different realms in the story, from the classroom, to  the murder, the angry parents, the murder and  then into realms that are unforseen.

I received a copy of this book from the author and Word Slinger Publicity and voluntarily decided to review it.  

I would give this book  5 STARS. 


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