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December 15, 2016


A Casey Alton Mystery
Richard L. Wren

Self proclaimed sailboat bum Casey and former motorcycle gang chief Smitty pulled into yet another murder, this time a 37 year old cold case. The District Attorney says it's a slam dunk murder case against Smitty's buddy Gus, based on DNA found in a re-opened case.

Smitty's daughter, Josie, is married to Casey and is an Assistant DA in the District Attorney's office. In order to save Gus form life imprisonment she alienates the DA by quitting and joining forces as Gus's defense attorney. The DA has her physically kicked  out of his office and swears to ruin her career. When Josie reluctantly tells Casey and Smitty, "there's no defense against DNA evidence." They decide his only defense is to find the actual killer.

Casey and Smitty are forced to run wild to best the vengeful DA and uncooperative police. Josie must use all her legal guile to protect Gus. More murders and kidnapping happen and even more are uncovered. Casey, Smitty, and Josie are captured and threatened with death by a psychopathic killer. Will Casey, Smitty and Josie survive and save Gus?


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Richard L. Wren started a new career writing novels at age 82 after retiring from a successful insurance career. His first novel, Casey's Slip, took almost three years to finish and publish (2010). The book has had a screenplay adapted from it which is now in marketing, and was a finalist for the Action Adventure category for the 2014 National Indie Excellence Award.

Profiting from all the mistakes he's made, he wrote and published his second book, Joshua's Revenge, in seven months. Now, at age 89, he published his third novel, Justice For Joshua.

All of his books, and this novel, Murder Made Legal are published under his Poor Richard Publishers company banner, and are available as both print and ebooks on Amazon. com.

Mr. Wren is a lifelong resident of Oakland, and recently moved to Lafayette, CA where his lives with his patient wife, Betty. He is a fourth generation Californian.  He has been the subject of T.V. pieces and newspaper articles as a great example of reinvention in retirement years.    He's also a model for would-be-novelists, both old and young.

Murder Made Legal is being published on Richard's 90th birthday.


 The author gives the reader a book with characters that really are characters.   They get your attention and as you read you want to know more and more about them.  They could easily be real life people with this mystery lurking at their backs.  Any reader should find one if not more characters in this book to hate or love.  There is a mix of personalities to go around.    The author gives you a plot that is like a road map, twists and turns and a pace that you set.   This isn't just a mystery to solve but delves into some of the legal aspects as well.  The way the characters speak is in a real aspect, not phony, just the way people actually talk. Sometimes books have the characters saying things that you just know they couldn't have possibly said.  The author gives you plenty to savor in this mystery, motorcycle  gangs, DA, mystery, suspense, developed, complex characters, a legal look into the mystery and I could keep on going.  Along with all of this you get a fun adventurous mystery that keeps you turning those pages.  I'm hoping there is another book in the works.  This is a great one.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author and Word Slinger Publicity and voluntarily decided to review it.
I would give this book 5 STARS.  

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Word Slinger Book Reviewer

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Richard Wren said...

Thank you very much for your review and comments. I still have a great deal to learn about writing novels and greatly appreciate encouraging words. Richard Wren.