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December 14, 2016


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Amber Wall
Dana Wall

Emma has a dilemma, and she doesn't have a clue what she's going to do about it! She gets her first F ever on an easy grammar test about nouns and pronouns. Wizard Jake appears out of nowhere when he hears her crying and is willing to help her. He is a genius at grammar and tries patiently to teach her the ins and outs of both nouns and pronouns. Will she learn in time for her make-up test? Or will she end up with a permanent F on her record?  
Only this glorious tale about two people from different worlds can answer that question. 

Dana Wall and Amber Wall created the Emma series starting with Emma Has a Dilemma due to their love of teaching grammar. It was an amazing bonding experience that has firmly cemented their close mother-daughter relationship.  Dana is currently living in Manhattan Beach California, and is writing screenplays for the entertainment industry. Amber is a junior at Marymount High School in Los Angeles and is not only looking at some of the best universities to attend but is eclectic in that she is not only amazing at math and science but she is the assistant editor for her high school newspaper, the Anchor. Look for more Emma stories in the future.


We can never have enough good, solid, fun and yet lessons to be learned children's books.   Our children need a sturdy foundation to start their lives and reading is on that list.   The book is written with words that a child could understand (if not, mamma, daddy, grandma or grandpa could help)  The book is fun and a child could perhaps relate to Emma's Dilemma of getting an F.  The authors wrote in rhyme which always attracts not just the attention of children but adults as well.  I felt the book was a fun read for those not so young readers also.

 The authors give the readers a young girl, could be the reader, who is having problems with learning her nouns and pronouns.   But in steps Wizard Jake and he takes Emma under his wing and tries to help her with her dilemma.

The book is very colorfully illustrated by Phillip Orozco.   The authors gave teachers, parents, grandparents a fun educational way to learn about your nouns, pronouns and other things.  Learning can be magical if we let it. 

We all have gotten those bad grades we wish would disappear.  So follow Emma and Wizard Jake and discover how to just do that.  It's not the flick of a wand, but a little diligence, some work and some determination.
Add this book to your child's reading shelf to be read again if a problem with grades or English arises.   A great learning lesson.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the authors and Word Slinger Publicity and voluntarily decided to review it.

I would give this book 5 STARS. 

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