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December 7, 2016

BREATH STEALER by Steven Pustay

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Steven Pustay

There are places in this world we shouldn’t go, powers we’ll never understand, problems we couldn’t hope to solve. When 17 year old Aaron Hall, an ordinary high school athlete who never sought the spotlight, discovers an ancient warrior’s secret for stealing the breath of his enemies, he determines to use it only to shame a vicious bully. But the addictive powers of the breath-stealing recipe aren’t easily controlled and Aaron struggles to understand who he has become under the seductive influence of being for the first time in his life, the hero.
Kindle Edition Published November 13th 2016 by Toward The Mark Books
Edition Language English
Suspense, Thriller, Historical Fiction 


Retired after 40 years of teaching high school and college classes in British Literature, Computer Science, Video Production and Media I'm now enjoying relaxed schedules which have given time for writing, reading, building an HO model railroad empire in the basement and the joys of grand parenting.
I've just published my first novel, 'Breath Stealer' on Amazon and am in the early drafts of my second, 'Without Guilt.'
My BA from the University of Akron is in British Literature and thanks to Sally Papadopolous, my High School English teacher who gifted me a Complete Volume of Shakespeare and led me to Donne, Browning and Milton, Middlemarch and Far From the Madding Crowd I've grown up with an appreciation for the craft of story telling.
Steinbeck and Hemmingway are my more likely muses and I still own the dog-eared paperback of the Nick Adams Stories that I bought my sophomore year of high school.
Writing and its craft and discipline bring me joy. I don't know what truths have come to my writing, I would guess we trust our readers to that, but I do know that good writing has lifted my spirit when it needed lifting and has brought me to despair and sadness as well. I hope that some of what life has shared with me stands evident in what I write.

We all know there are so many things in this world we don't understand and may never understand. Powerful things that may make no sense.   People who have power over others and we wonder, how does this happen?  The world is full of  discord that, though we may want to solve, it may never be solved.   There are just those place and things we shouldn't delve into.   The author has given us a story of an ordinary everyday teenager, being a high school athlete.  He kept to himself, never went out of his way to get attention.  Something happens to him though.  He discovers how to take the breath away from your enemies.  This is an ancient warrior's secret. How he discovered it, I will leave that up to you, the reader.  A 17 year old with this kind of power.  What does he decide to do with it?    He decided to use it on a bully and only that bully.  But Aaron finds that he has trouble controlling this power and he doesn't understand who he has become.  He's a different Aaron.  This power is like an addiction, so strong and somewhat uncontrollable.  Aaron for the first time is wanting that attention he never looked for before.  He has become somewhat a hero, but what comes with that title?   How many times have we, the readers wished we had a power of some kind over someone?   But if you really thought about it, deep and hard, would you want that power?   Aaron struggles to understand who he has become under the seductive influence of being for the first time in his life, the hero.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author and voluntarily decided to review it.

I would give this book  4 STARS.


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