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September 11, 2016

SHE'S GOT A WAY - Maggie McGinnis

She's Got a WaySHE'S GOT A WAY
An Echo Lake Novel
Maggie McGinnis

(from Night Owl Reviews)

  • Number: 9781250069092
  • Release: August 30, 2016
  • Author: Maggie McGinnis
  • Availability: Print-Book
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary
  • Publisher: St. Martin's Press

LOVE WILL FIND A WAY Gabriela O’Brien is devoted to the girls at Briarwood Academy?even when their bad behavior earns them an entire summer at a remote campground in Echo Lake, Vermont. When the headmaster assigns Gabi to be their chaperone, how can she refuse? A long, hot summer with neither indoor plumbing nor wireless access might be just what she needs to get her own life in order…right? Before Briarwood took over Camp Echo, Luke Magellan spent years there helping troubled boys. When four spoiled rich girls and their seemingly uptight den mother show up for the summer, it’s hard to hide his amusement as he watches them tackle the great outdoors. But it’s even tougher to resist the passion he sees in Gabi?especially when he learns about her past, and sees how much she cares about her students. Is this destined to be just a grownup version of a summer-camp romance?or can they find enough in common to build a love for all seasons? “A new, witty voice in contemporary romance. Maggie McGinnis is gonna make you smile.”?Christie Craig, New York Times bestselling author She's Got a Way is the third book in Maggie McGinnis' Echo Lake series!

Maggie McGinnis is a USA Today bestselling author and Golden Heart Finalist who lives in New England, vastly outnumbered by both children and cats. She writes sweet romances set in Montana and Vermont, and feels extremely fortunate that through her books, she get to fall in love every single day. She's a sucker for romantic comedies, popcorn and the perfect green pen, and if she wasn't an author,she'd totally be rocking a Nashville club in her pink cowgirl boots. It's probably good that she embraced the author thing, because her singing skills are better suited to the shower, and really? Pink cowgirl boots?



 Bad behavior has it's consequences and for the bad girls from Briarwood Academy that mean spending their summer at a camp.  Not just any camp but this one is set remotely in Echo Lake, Vermont.  No modern conveniences such as indoor plumbing or internet.  Gabi O'Brien agrees to be their chaperone.  Just what she needs?

This book is on the light side which is nice to relax by.  The author gives us characters that if you've been around teen age girls, you can relate to.  You can just picture these four, so called bad girls.  Thinking they are all it and know it all.   Then the author introduces you to Gabi.  I picture her as rather shy and yet determined to help these girls see the light.  She has her own problems to get in order.  Will staying at the remote camp help her and the girls?  The author may take you back to when you were young and a teenager.  Growing up wasn't easy but this story will let you in on these girls growing up and running away from the toughness of growing up. The author spices it up a bit with a  delicate sexy romance and we all love those sweet romances. The author makes you stop and think about those first kisses and sweet, slow and endearing they were.  The reader remembers what innocence was.   The author wrote with developed characters, characters you could relate to and envision and the sweetness and yet, sexy romance that you can't let go of.  Well written and I'm looking forward to the next book. This is book three in the series.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author, Maggie McGinnis and Night Owl Reviews in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

I would give this book  4  STARS.


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