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September 19, 2016


Koffi Hallman

 Product Details

(from back of book)
 Rags to riches tale of a phenomenal two sport athlete who despite being hailed as the number one pick in both the NFL and NBA drafts but a motorcycle accident a month before the draft seals his sports future he then meets his cousin's best friend and his life goes 180 degrees from the bright lights of fortune and sports fame to life in the hood as a drug dealer and the tough choices he must make to survive.

  • Paperback: 420 pages
  • Publisher: Infinity Publishing (PA) (March 21, 2016)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1495808505
  • ISBN-13: 978-1495808500
(from Amazon)
 Koffi Hallman is originally from Camden New Jersey. He is a former US Marine who served his country in Afghanistan during Desert Shield/Storm in 1990 for full a full tour after returning to college He pledged the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity INC Sigma Sigma chapter in 1992 and graduated from both Grambling State University 1995 and Texas College 1997. He raises Champion Pugs in his spare time and now resides in Southern California Where he is the CEO of 492 Champion Kennels who is considered the "Mercedes Benz" of Pugs. He has been writing since the tender age of nine and makes a living as an Environmental Engineering Consultant

He has  a series of books in development called the "suspicion series" where each book will have the word suspicion somewhere in the title the 1st is "Deadly Suspicions"

Catch a ride on the roller coaster and what a ride!  The title is what drew me in.  I love these kind of books and I wasn't disappointed.  This book, as soon as you open the cover, starts that ride and there will be a fast up and down track to follow.   This is a journey has developed characters that didn't leave out the strong, minority females that are sometimes left by the wayside.   We get a variety of characters, drug dealers, lawyers, murderers, gangsters, WOW, what a variety.  The author doesn't give you a chance to get bored.   You're wanting to know about these people, what drove them to become what they are?  Some of these characters started out widely know for their accomplishments and somehow, through the fate of time and circumstances, their lives did a 180 and CHANGED drastically.  But, would they be able to do the reverse 180 and gain back what they had before fate stepped in?   I always like when an author gives you characters you can relate to, characters that have that friend, relative, person you know or have known.   This book has them all.  You could know these people.   I know that possibly the language at times may offend some readers but looking at the characters and their surroundings, it's very normal.   I just want more and to me that is the sign of a good book.   Hoping there will be another follow up book.   Don't miss out on this book.  It's definitely a  read worth reading.

I received a complimentary ARC copy of this book from the author, Koffi Hallman in exchange for my unbiased and honest review.   

I would give this book 5 STARS. 


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