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July 12, 2016




Michael Herskowitz(Davis)

THIS 'N THAT is by a super actress and an extraordinary human being. It is full of fabulous anecdotes as well as opinions pro and con on a wide range of subjects.  A woman of strong appetites and opinions, Miss Davis minces no words. In frank, no-nonsense terms she talks about her stroke and mastectomy and inspires us with the story of her complete recovery -- a lively and encouraging account shot through with the star's unique blend of spunk and wit. 

This book is a unique and controversial book by one of the most incandescent and unconventional acting talents of all times, as magnetic and supremely colorful as the lady herself. "If everyone likes you, you're doing your job wrong." Miss Davis declares. And when asked if she is a "liberated" woman, she answers, "I was born liberated." This book bears her out.
 (from jacket cover)

I found  this book at a thrift store and I always loved anything that had to do with Bette Davis.  I couldn't get enough of the song "Bette Davis Eyes".  Indeed she had those amazing, mesmerizing eyes.  I had to read this book and it was quite a read.  About her husbands, children, her songs, her houses, her opinions. She was very straight forward and reading this, I found what a strong woman she was.  At times though, I wondered why she endured the things she did, such as some of her violent husbands.  The story tells about her roles in different cameo appearances, television shows, her co-stars, the ones she knew and couldn't stand. her definite stance of who she would or wouldn't star with.  So much of her life.  If you liked Bette Davis in her different roles and want to know more of her life,  find this book.  It isn't a new publication but it's well worth the read.  Do you remember:? Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?"  I do.  Living black and white.  
There were a couple other books written by Bette Davis. The Lonely Life and Mother Goddam (with Whitney Stine).  She definitely was a talented lady and an icon to be forever remembered! 

I would give this book a strong 5 STARS.

  • Hardcover: 207 pages
  • Publisher: Putnam Pub Group (T); First Edition edition (March 1987)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0399132465
  • ISBN-13: 978-0399132469

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