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July 10, 2016

Inspired By True Events: The Sicilian Veil of Shame

Inspired by true events.

African Freedom Series
Remembrance is a bitter fruit
Lucia Mann
"The very first part in healing
is shattering the silence" 

(from Amazon)
The ten-year-old daughter of a Sicilian Mafia boss is cruelly kidnapped from her bedroom on the night of her glorious birthday celebration. She knows her captor well, and, until this night, has trusted him and held him fondly in her heart. Maria's prospects for rescue plummet as she is sold into child prostitution and eventually sent to a Holocaust death camp.
Is it possible for a girl so misused for so long to emotionally endure the torment she suffered and still maintain a semblance of normalcy? The quest for an answer leads the reader on a zigzag journey through the bloodline of three generations, ending in the bowels of a Mafia mansion on the island of Sicily.
In this book, you will experience the profound love of a daughter for her mother, and a granddaughter's misgivings about her crazed grandmother, the matriarch of a battered family:
- Brianna, a successful law student who gives up everything to search for her beloved mother.
- Lynette, Brianna’s mother, a survivor of child-slavery in South Africa.
- Maria, a kidnapped child who endures years of torment to eventually become the most powerful Mafia boss in Sicily.
Lucia Mann's story explores the ugliness of child-slavery while it tests our attitudes toward revenge and mental health.

  • Series: African Freedom Series
  • Paperback: 332 pages
  • Publisher: Grassroots Publishing Group; 1 edition (June 10, 2016)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0997567708
  • ISBN-13: 978-0997567700
 Lucia Mann
Lucia Mann, humanitarian and activist, was born in British colonial South Africa in the wake of World War II. She now resides in British Columbia, Canada. After retiring from freelance journalism in 1998, she wrote a four book African series to give voice to those who have suffered and are suffering brutalities and captivity. The other books in the series are: Rented Silence, CBC Book Award; Africa's Unfinished Symphony, Indie Excellence Award; and A Veil of Blood Hangs over Africa.
Visit and for more information on how you can help alleviate the scourge of modern-day slavery.

Trust comes easily for a ten year old. At first Maria is not afraid because she knows and trusts her kidnapper.  She had just had a wonderful birthday party and was in her bedroom.  No one thought that the daughter of a Sicilian Mafia boss would ever be kidnapped, especially a ten year old.  But it happened!  This was the beginning of a nightmare that wouldn't end.  Sold into child prostitution and then ending up in a Holocaust death camp.  She is abused and abused again.  Does she stay sane?  Does she keep her emotions in tact?   What does it do to Maria after years of physical and emotional abuse?  Being a mafia daughter isn't helping her now?  It started out as a ransom kidnapping but why wasn't her wealthy Mafia father taking care of the ransom?  A twisted turn happens years later when Maria becomes more powerful  than anyone would have imagined.   The author basically gives you three strong women, but along with those strengths are the weaknesses also.  The three women are Maria, Lynette who is the daughter of  Maria, and then we have Brianna, the daughter of Lynette.  We see the emotional sides of all three women. What, besides blood connects these three women?   The author gives the reader a look into the mental health and how it is perceived by some.  The determination of these women often led to their downfalls.  Brianna loves her mother and often times her mother just up and leaves her.  Why?  Brianna will give up everything at last to find her mother one last time.  On her search, she finds her grandmother, Maria. The reader gets to follow Maria's search and the shock, love and shock again on finding her grandmother.  She once again becomes a prisoner in a very nice, but extemely guarded place. After time passes, Brianna becomes wealthy and has so much power but there is a big downside to this.  Read this emotional, interesting, book on the years of three women, each suffering in their own way.  How the grand daughter of the mafia queen becomes what she has fought so hard not to be.  The past carried on through three generations.  A past and present that would be best to be forgotten.  Amazing read!  You get the chance to be side by side through the trials, the horrors, the caring, everything that the characters experience.  Be thankful that you are only experiencing it from reading a book, and not living it!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author, Lucia Mann in exchange for my unbiased and honest view.

I would give this book 5  STARS. 
(I wish I could give it 10 STARS)

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