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June 20, 2016

RIVER ROAD French Quarter Mystery #5/Eric Wilder

 "Wilder's fiction is like an ice cold,
Hurricane slush on a hot, Louisiana day.:
-Clarion Review

French Quarter Mystery
Book 5 of 5
Eric Wilder

 What's going on down in the Bayou?

(from Amazon)

Paperback: 322 pages 
Publisher: Gondwana Press (May 1, 2016) 
Language: English 
ISBN-10: 0979116597 
ISBN-13: 978-0979116599

A new client wants paranormal P.I. Wyatt Thomas to find his mother's killer. The problem is the fifty-year-old murder isn't just cold, it's frozen solid. Events happen fast when Wyatt accepts a large retainer from a new client wishing to keep his identity secret. Shortly after agreeing to find the person who killed the man's mother, Wyatt's client is himself murdered. The killers shoot Wyatt as he attempts to intervene. He awakens in a New Orleans' hospital only to find they have yet to finish with him. The mysterious men want him dead. He escapes and learns they've somehow managed to pin his client's murder on him. But why? Determined to find out, he enlists the aid of Lucy Diamond. Lucy is a beautiful though cynical reporter in town to film a story on the same murder his client paid him to solve. He marks her for death when they discuss the case. Though different in every possible way, they go on the run together. Wyatt and Lucy soon learn more than a single person participated in the murder of. The ensuing chase drags them through the gritty backside of New Orleans where everyone has a dark secret and a bloody motive. What's the connection between the N.O.P.D., Krewe of Rex, and southern mafia? How are the Russian Special Forces, C.I.A., and U.S. Public Health Service involved? Why is the Cuban army trying to kill them? And, what's up with the mysterious and secret satanic sect that practices human sacrifice? Wyatt and Lucy must learn the answers or die. River Road is a paranormal thriller based loosely on an actual murder. Set in the Big Easy, this bayou suspense novel is Book 5 in author Eric Wilder's French Quarter Mystery Series.

 Born on a Louisiana bayou, Halloween night, beneath a full moon, Eric Wilder grew up escaping snakes and alligators, and listening to his grandmothers' tales of ghosts, voodoo, and political corruption. Author of nine novels, four cookbooks and many short stories, he now lives in Oklahoma, about a mile from historic Route 66, with his four dogs, one coyote, and cat, but not a single alligator.  If you liked River Road, please check out the French Quarter Mystery Series , and all of Eric's books.

Private eye, Wyatt Thomas, once a cop, has a client, whom he had met under some rather strange circumstances. Things are always somewhat a little strange around the Big Easy.  But this situation is really strange. You have a funeral, but the body isn't there.  Where is Jeribeth Briggs, the deceased? This has been in the making for 50 years.  Talk about a cold case.
 Back to Wyatt's client, Timothy Taggert.  How often does a private eye meet his client at a funeral?  Well he didn't actually meet him.  Wyatt was handed an envelope and behind his back asked that Wyatt find his mother's killer.  What's in the envelope?  Will Wyatt take on this mysterious client and find the killer?  As Wyatt follows Timothy into the street, he sees Timothy being forced into a car.   As Wyatt comes to, he is in the emergency room.  What just happened?  What happened to Timothy?   This started out as Wyatt possibly starting an investigation into a murder, now the table has turned?  Wyatt is being investigated now.  The author couldn't give you more suspense, ninety degree turns, and questions as you turn those pages with a fury. This mystery goes back decades.  Mystery, the bayou, New Orleans, murder, suspense, intrigue and so much more.  No mystery reader will want for more in a boook.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author, Eric Wilder, in exchange for my unbiased book review. No other compensation took place.

I would give this book 5  STARS.


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