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May 28, 2016


The McBride Brothers
Book Three of Three
authored by
Scarlett Dunn

Last Promise
( Night Owl Reviews)

  • Number: 9781420138931
  • Release: April 26, 2016
  • Author: Scarlett Dunn
  • Availability: Print-Book
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * ROM: Historical
  • Publisher: Zebra Books

The heart always finds a home . . .

For British heiress Mary Ann Hardwicke, the Wild West is the perfect place to make her own life and escape the stifling privilege of an arranged marriage. Hard at work proving her independence, it's little wonder she has no time for handsome cowboy Luke McBride. No matter that he somehow understands the freedom she so badly needs--how could she trust such a wild spirit, much less find a way to love him?

Like the broncs he busts, Luke doesn't see himself settling down in one place, let alone with one woman. So at first, Mary Ann is just an intriguing challenge. But her determination and bravery are sparking a longing to prove he can be the truly good man she deserves. Now as their enemies work to separate them, they will take a dangerous gamble on faith to claim an enduring love . . .

"In love lies redemption" (from front cover)

 The Wild West - Mary Ann Hardwicke wants to escape an arranged marriage.  She is a British heiress and in order to save her father's vast estate, he arranges for her to marry.  Mary Ann escapes to America.  She goes to work and live with her Uncle who has a hotel and eating establishment.  She doesn't have time for the handsome cowboy, Luke McBride.  He has no intention on settling down.  He loves and leaves 'em.  There's something about Mary Ann that  keeps Luke's interest.  The author wrote an exciting book about the wild west and how a handsome cowboy can change and become faithful to one woman. I couldn't put the book down.  All the time Mary Ann is working to change her life, she knows her father will come for her and back to her arranged marriage. Even though Luke has his wild untamed side, he's very much a gentleman and is willing to do what has to be done.  Very good book in which, you can find yourself in the Wild West watching Luke and his brothers, Mary Ann and the wild saloon girls (ladies of the evening).  The author has written characters into this book that the reader can get lost in.  You find yourself rooting for Mary Ann and at the same time being just a little angry with her for jumping to conclusions one after the other.  You fall in love with Luke. I have not read the first two books in The McBride Brothers series but can't wait to.  Give it a try. 

I received this book from the author, Scarlett Dunn and Night Owl Reviews in exchange for my unbiased opinion. No other compensation took place.

I would give this book 5 STARS.


About the Author

Scarlett Dunn

Scarlett Dunn lives in Kentucky surrounded by all manner of wildlife, and enjoys long "God walks" where most inspiration strikes. Possessing an adventurous spirit, and a love of history, particularly the pioneers of the West, she has a special place in her heart for all cowboys, past and present. Readers can visit her website:


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