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May 13, 2016

REVIEW of NEED TO FIND YOU by Joseph Souza

Joseph Souza

(from Amazon)
Yasmine "Yaz" Weeks would prefer to forget her troubled past and the vile crimes committed against her, but when she finds herself on the run with an opportunity for retribution.She soon learns that the memoir has the potential to ruin both reputation of its late great author, Robert Cornish, as well of the reputations of many influential people.

Whip Billings, an ex-cop, unwittingly becomes entangled in the mystery of the missing phone. Realizing that this newfound memoir could significantly hurt the sales of Cornish's classic novel, Force of Will, he begins to search for Yaz.  But why are the cops and a mysterious drug kingpen known only as "The Viking" also looking for her?
In his Quest to find Yaz, Whip uncovers a vast network of political corruption, long hidden family secrets, and a series of reprehensible crimes, as the bodies in town begin to pile up, whip knows that he must track down Yaz before she also turns up dead.
 Paperback: 402 pages 
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (March 14, 2016)Language: English 
ISBN-10: 1530555809 
ISBN-13: 978-1530555802
Joseph Souza is the author of many award-winning short stories and essays. He graduated from Northeastern University and grew up near Boston. THE REAWAKENING is his debut horror novel and the first in THE LIVING DEAD SERIES. The REAWAKENING won the 2013 Maine Literary Award for Speculative Fiction and was an Amazon bestseller. DARPOCALYPSE, BOOK 2, is now published. DARMAGEDDON, BOOK 3 was published in early 2014. His mystery, UNPAVED SURFACES, was published by Kindle Press in 2015 and was an Amazon bestseller. NEED TO FIND YOU, his crime thriller set in Portland, was the first novel to go direct-to-publish by Kindle Press.

He lives near Portland, Maine with his wife and two children and enjoys running, cooking and playing golf when not writing.

Joseph can be contacted at and on Twitter @josephsouza3.
WHAT A RIDE?  The setting is Portland, Maine.  The characters are oh, so real.  As you start reading you are immediately in touch with each and every character, even the bad guys.  Yasmine Weeks (Yaz) is such a strong and independent woman. Females aren't always written as this.  This one little woman has some spunk and nerve.  Everything is over a cell phone and why?  Yaz gets the phone through a strange way.  Now she's on the run and doesn't know why.  They, whoever they are, will not get that phone, no matter what.  Yaz is tough, she knows the streets and how life really is. Her friend is missing and the phone belongs to her.  In steps Whip, a trooper from Maine or let's say, ex-trooper, fresh from rehab.  Whip is offered a job to find the missing girl.  He had no idea what awaited him. The reader will be on the edge of their seat as some really evil people are lurking on the pages along with a corrupt police department.This book is fast paced. Once you open it, you might as well figure you're in for the long haul. The most evil of all, the Viking, always seems to be in the background, but never seen.  Who is this Viking? Somehow is he connected to all the bloody murders taking place? What is on that phone and what is so important about the memoir? Is Robert Cornish the root of all this evil? There are some very strong language and scenes in this book, so if that bothers you, this isn't the book for you.  The author described everything down to a "T".  You could feel, see, smell and even think as the characters.  It really surprised me.  By the title, I never perceived the book to be what I read.  If you love crime - this is the utmost of crime.  

I received this book from the author, Joseph Souza, in exchange for my unbiased view.

 I would give this book 5 STARS.


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