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February 23, 2016


Your Model For A
Lasting and Fulfilling
Jackie Bledsoe

Wedding Rings Clip Art

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Studies show that roughly one out of two marriages end in divorce.

One of the reasons for this is couples today are not prepared for all—the good and bad—that may happen in marriage. Are you prepared?

Author and blogger Jackie Bledsoe outlines the seven stages, or seven rings of marriages, that will equip couples for all stages in marriage. He challenges couples to keep moving through each stage for a lasting and fulfilling marriage.

Through The Seven Rings of Marriage, readers gain a deeper appreciation of what marriage is, and get a clear picture of what may lie ahead in their marriage. Diligently go about making your marriage everything you and your spouse hoped for, and more!

The seven rings are:
  • Ring #1—Engagement RING 
  • Ring #2—Wedding RING
  • Ring #3—DiscoveRING 
  • Ring #4—PerseveRING 
  • Ring #5—RestoRING
  • Ring #6—ProspeRING 
  • Ring #7—MentoRING
Wedding Rings Clip Art

  • Paperback: 224 pages
  • Publisher: B&H Books (February 1, 2016)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1433688646
  • ISBN-13: 978-1433688645
Wedding Rings Clip Art
Jackie Bledsoe 
Jackie lost his job, and his family was homeless, yet he learned some of life's most valuable lessons from it all. Losing his job changed his life and led him to a writing and speaking career. You can see his words in cool places like The Huffington Post, All Pro Dad, The Good Men Project, Disney's Babble, and USA Football.

His new book, The 7 Rings of Marriage, releases February 1, 2016, and comes highly recommended by many, including #1 New York Times bestselling author Dr. Gary Chapman.

His goal is to help you better lead and love your family, so you can have a lasting and fulfilling marriage, and meaningful influence on your kids. Find more about Jackie on his blog,, where he offers some amazing resources created to help you better lead and love your family.

Jackie and his wife, Stephana, co-host The 7 Rings of Marriage Show, where they share practical marriage lessons, and interview couples who have lasting and fulfilling marriages.
They have been friends since they were teenagers, more than half of their lives, and have been married since June 2001. They have three amazing children and reside in Indianapolis.
 Wedding Rings Clip Art

This book would be valuable to singles as well as couples. Whether you are thinking of marriage, engaged, been married a short while, been married for years,  struggling in your marriage or trying to keep your marriage together. Marriage isn't easy, it's hard work. Hard work on both partners.  It's not a one sided street. I had a hard time with the book.  It took some thinking to get into the advice being given. He gives advice on having children, money, making time for each other and things to do if you think your marriage is over.  You can't say "I Quit" every time something doesn't go right.The title comes from the stages or the "rings" of marriage.  They either make a marriage stronger or dissolve it.  He introduces his own personal experiences which make the book easier to understand.  When the advice is related to a real person, it's more easily believed.

Ring 1: Engagement RING
Ring 2: Wedding RING
Ring 3: DiscoveRING
Ring 4: PerseveRING
Ring 5: RestoRING
Ring 6:  ProspeRING
Ring 7: MentoRING

Stop and think how each of these 7 rings apply to your marriage or don't apply.  Maybe those that don't apply, could be worked on to help that marriage come alive again.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from B&H Blogger Team and the author, Jackie Bledsoe for my unbiased view of the book.

I would give this book 4  STARS.

Wedding Rings Clip Art


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