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February 14, 2016

THE POKER GAME by Tom Wallace

A Jack Dantzler Mystery
Tom Wallace

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Judge Leonard Kurtz presides over a Saturday-night poker game fifty weeks each year. But this is no ordinary game—it begins at precisely seven p.m. and lasts exactly twelve hours, and to sit at the table, each of the six players must have ten-thousand dollars in cash. But then, on a warm summer night, five players are brutally murdered, victims of a single gunshot wound to
the head.Veteran homicide detective Jack Dantzler is faced with the task of finding the person—or persons—responsible for the crime. His initial questions are, which of the victims was the primary target, and what is the name of the missing player? Was that player lucky, or could he be the killer?As Dantzler begins to peel away the many layers of this baffling case, the answers he finds are not what he expected. They put him on several different paths, including one that will bring him face to face with the only murderer he has failed to catch.
The Poker Game proves once again why critics have consistently praised Tom Wallace for his ability to “make his characters come alive,” while adding that he has done “a great job of creating a world-class detective in Dantzler.”
Simply put: The Poker Game belongs on your must-read list.

 Paperback: 260 pages,Publisher: Hydra Publications (December 3, 2015),Language: English,ISBN-10: 194221233X,ISBN-13: 978-1942212331

Cards Deck Clip Art   AUTHOR
Tom Wallace is the award winning author of five previous Jack Dantzler mysteries, including THE FIRE OF HEAVEN, THE LIST, GNOSIS, THE DEVIL'S RACKET and WHAT MATTERS BLOOD.  He also wrote the thriller HEIRS OF CAIN.

Tom, a former award winning sportswriter as written several sports related books, including GOLDEN GORY, THE HISTORY of CENTRAL CITY BASKETBALL and the highly successful KENTUCKY BASKETBALL ENCYCLOPEDIA.

Tom, a Vietnam Vet lives in Lexington and is a member of mystery Writers of America. His website is

Deck Of Cards Clip Art   REVIEW
This book is the story of a murder mystery.  Lexington's homicide detective Jack Dantzler has never faced this sort of challenge before.  He is the best Lexington has.  He's been on the job for years and has solved some of the biggest homicide cases they've dealt with. He's seen a lot in his years as homicide detective but this is a first.  He's never encountered a case like this before. A judge and four of his poker buddies have been murdered.  Dantzler and his team have been put on the case and are bound and determined to solve it.  This poker group was a private group.  No one knew the details except the members of the elite group. The problem being, all are dead, that is, except one.  This one mystery poker player's identity is unknown.  As the body count keeps going up, the detectives keep searching and the more they search, the more questions come to light.   The bad thing is, very few answers are forth coming. Something happens that seems to give the team of detectives some answers.  Dantzler seems to think this is just a little too convenient.  He doesn't stop digging for answers.The author, Tom Wallace wove a web of relationships and well intentions into a murder mystery that is hard to set down.  Just about the time you think you have it solved, the author throws you a curve. The more you read, the deeper the mystery gets.  As the story goes on, the author adds some new characters which adds to the mystery plot. Grab yourself a copy of this book and you'll find yourself totally engrossed in it, trying to figure it out.  It will keep you reading until late in the night.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author, Tom Wallace in exchange for my unbiased review. No other compensation took place.

I would give this book 5 STARS.

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