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February 1, 2016

COOL KIND KID by Barbara Gilmour


Be a "Cool Kind Kid"   tm
Handbook One
Bullying Prevention Social Skills
Activities for Children
Barbara Gilmour
Sydelle Mason, Ed.D.
Wendy McDermott, Ph.D.


(from back of book)

160,000 children a day stay home from school because they are afraid of being bullied.
U.S. Department of Education, 2010

13 million kids in the US will be bullied this year.
-Bully movie promo, The Weinstein Company, 2012 

Schools and parents are frustrated that there haven't been solutions that work.  50 states now have legislation directing school districts to adopt anti-bullying policies.  Sadly, most of those policies are reactive, dealing with bullying issues after the fact. Research is showing that those reactive measures are not working.  Though it's necessary to deal with bullying when it happens, those resolutions are not getting to the root of the problem.
 COOL KIND KID is proactive educational curricula for schools, including fun music, characters and activities. New consumer/retain products have recently been developed at the request of parent focus groups to help young children learn the social skills, tools needed to reject bullying.  Research is now supporting social skills or social competence training, at young ages, as the missing link in bullying prevention.
Kids today are bombarded in school, their neighborhoods and the media with the message that mean, rude and disrespectful behavior is cool and that bullying is cool.  As educators, parents, retailers and  responsible media, we have a powerful role to play in changing that message.  We need to help our children learn that kind, caring and respectful behavior is cool, and that activities in the curricula and  parent products, kids are engaged as they learn that they can be both kind and cool.  Kids embrace the concepts as they learn that, "The kind kid is the cool kid, not the bully."
The vision for COOL KIND KID had always been to give every child the opportunity to learn the social skills that will help them reject bullying, and to give them important life skills that will follow them wherever they go. We have seen changed, improved behavior life skills that will follow them wherever they go. We have seen changed, improved behavior as we help kids redefine "cool". COOL KIND KID is a solution to the bullying epidemic that works.
Barbara Gilmour, Creator
CEO, CKK Educational, LLC

The book is the first of five Handbooks that give parents quick, easy, fun ways to teach their children the skills they need to counter-act bullying.   Bullying has become so prevalent in today's society.  A lot I think has to do with the fact that our kids have no respect for anyone, not even themselves. They do what they want, to whom they want, when they want with no repercussions.  They have the sense that they are infallible.  The bad thing is, the recipient of the bullying often can't take much of it, and rightfully so, shouldn't have to.  It often ends in tragedy.  Self esteem becomes very low and finally the victim just can't take anymore.  Something needs to be done and needs to be done NOW!  Being COOL isn't being a bully!  Being COOL is being kind and polite and respectful.  You get a lot farther in today's society by being respectful of others.  Parents, teachers, focus groups take heed.  We have to step up as adults and teach our children about being COOL.This book is probably appropriate for ages 4-9 or really for anybody who needs a little refresher course on being COOL.The author, Ms. Gilmour has created a handbook with challenges, songs and what if's that will help in teaching children what is right and what is not.We need more authors like Ms. Gilmour who realizes what our children face day in and day out in our schools, neighborhoods and homes. If we don't step up as adults, who will?

I received a complimentary copy of COOL KIND KID, Book One from the author, Ms. Barbara Gilmour, for my unbiased view.  No other compensation took place.

I would give this book 5 STARS.


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