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May 17, 2015

SIMPLE WITNESS by Bob Siqveland


Bob Siqveland
(from Amazon)

Harold Bartz, aka Bandit, has a low IQ which contrasts sharply with his delusions of grandeur. He flees Minneapolis after witnessing a murder. Once in Las Vegas, rather than hiding, he starts cooking up schemes. His pals, Banger and Diggs, soon join him. Bandit has company in Vegas: Yuri Vostov and Nikki Kerlenko, two Russian hit men sent by the sadistic Jethro Plack. A shady telemarketer, Plack separates guileless customers from their money. His company is in Minnesota, but he oversees Internet swindles from a hidden office in London. Plack's scam, Fortune Fate Lottery, gains the attention of Sean O'Dell, a St. Paul police lieutenant. O'Dell is investigating the explosion of Internet crime and its elderly victims. "C. J." Johannson, a Minneapolis cop, is assigned a suicide case. Lana Winton's death however, doesn't fit the profile of a suicide. C.J. begins gathering clues that lead him to Plack's office in St. Paul. Plack's elaborate scheme has evaded detection thus far. Working against him this time however, is his own man, hacker extraordinaire Tommy Ling, who becomes uncomfortable with the idea of destroying the lives of innocent victims. Ling hatches a plan to scam the scammers and become the Robin Hood Hacker. When Bandit finally comes forward, C. J. can go after Plack for murder and O'Dell can foil Plack's Internet scheme in London. With Plack behind bars, the Robin Hood Hacker makes headlines while Bandit and his pals stumble into a surprise in Vegas.

About the Author

Bob Siqveland grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota. After graduating from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor of Arts degree, he earned the rank of Captain in the US Army and commanded a field artillery battery. He went on to become a venture capitalist, successfully funding thirty-three companies and serving as a corporate board member on a Twin Cities Bank. He currently works in the gaming industry. The author of two novels, The Immaculate Erection and The Wilderness of Time, Bob is inspired by writers Thomas Wolfe, James Lee Burke, and Nelson DeMille. He hopes to entertain his readers-and make them think. He's currently working on a historical novel.

 This book has it all.  Starts at a fair pace and then goes faster, faster and you end up racing to see what the ending is.  We have characters that are really a little wacky and they completely draw you into their world.  We have the evil villain Jethro Plack and the angel like, but stupid Bandit.  Here you have what it takes  for a complete success.  The author takes short chapters, short as one and a half to two pages, and puts so much detail into that short of space.  You keep turning those pages with excitement as to what is next.   This book will give you a wild, crazy ride, a good read and a whole lot of fun. With living in the world we do, with all the uncertainty, the villain gets what he deserves, the good guy gets the girl and those with no clues get a chance.  You will have to read the book yourself to find out what really happens.   You won't be disappointed.  SIMPLE WITNESS has everything you could want, it's a page turner, twists and turns, going from old London all the way to  LA.  What more could you want?

I was given a complimentary copy of SIMPLE WITNESS from the author, Bob Siqveland and Out Skirts Press for my view of the book.

I would give this book 5 STARS.


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