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May 9, 2015



Naomi Byler

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Rebecca's Choice: Amish Romance

Did Rebecca make the right decision to choose her Amish church over her fiancé, Joshua?

Should she have gone with him when he left to follow an evangelical calling? Her emotional upheaval is exacerbated a thousand-fold by witnessing the tragic death of her younger brother, Jacob, whom she had felt responsible for protecting. The barn fire that killed him was deliberately set—can she forgive, from her heart, whoever started it to stay true to her Amish values?

Into her emotional entanglement, walks Daniel Troyer, a classmate turned carpenter and volunteer fire fighter, who pulls the young schoolteacher away from the blaze. In an effort to stand up for his errant father, Daniel has seemed to defend breaking the vows of baptism, and he and Rebecca have hit an impasse due to opposing views.
He sees flaws in their church but wants to make a difference from the inside out. And he continues to be drawn to Rebecca, a maidel he considered off limits when she was engaged. Joshua has left physically, but he still holds fast in Rebecca’s heart.

Can Rebecca break free of her ties to Joshua to fulfill her dream of building her own Amish home and family? As if coping with her brother’s death isn’t enough, she is mercilessly confronted with more heartbreak and perplexity. How should she feel about Daniel, who proves to be a far cry from the man she pictured, becoming her most valued friend?

Note: This is a 36,000 word stand-alone novella featuring sweet and clean Amish romance with happy ending.

Naomi had always loved the idea of romance and a happily ever after. With her husband and two kids there was no question she had the gift of finding both. Now she writes inspirational romances to remind her readers of the power of love and how we are truly not an island. Each of us has a soul mate out there waiting to be discovered. Of course the happy ending is never forgotten but nothing worth getting comes without a fight.

When she is not writing there are many other things for this wife and mother to do. Cooking for her family is one such task. But her love for baking makes that act never seem like a chore. Her favorites include amazingly done flaky chicken and mushroom pie. She also enjoys relaxing with a good book and playing the piano.

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For readers who haven't read any or few Amish reads, you will find some interesting facts about Amish life.  This book is a tender Amish romance.  The heroine who is  an Amish girl has questions just like  the "Englishers" do.  Why certain things are forbidden by the Ordnung and not others.  As with the death of Rebecca's brother..  More fact than emotion.  I often wonder when I read Amish books if that is normal for dealing with heart aches.  The book tells facts about their farming and the struggles the farmers face.  Often times, we think the Amish live such a simple life that they have very few problems, but they have some of the same as wee do.  This story had a happy ending which everyone hopes for but sometimes things don't end happy.   Maybe a little more complications of life would have fit in rather nicely.  Amish life seems sometimes to be a stiff way of living.   There seems to be no compromising.  It is the Amish way and no diverting from it.  It does give us a good perspective and view on a different way of living.   All in all a good book.  Hoping to read more from Ms. Byler.

I was given a complimentary copy of REBECCA'S CHOICE from the author, Naomi Byler for my view of the book.

I would give this book 4 STARS.


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