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April 3, 2015




  • An absolute essential in any workout routine where your grip would normally fail before your muscles do.
  • Heavy duty stitching increases durability.
  • Adjustable to fit almost anyone.
  • Increases traction and lifting safety while cushioning and protecting.
  • Designed 1 pair - a right and a left. Price is for 2 straps.
Product Details 

Product Description

ATTMU Big Grip Padded Lifting Straps, 1 Pair
* About the product
- This high quality foam padded strap provides a secure comfortable grip of weight bars during exercise and for long lasting use.
- Our straps eliminate grip fatigue so you can maximize your strength and muscle gains.
- Simply slide the straps on each wrist, adjust for a snug fit and you'll be ready to strap yourself on to any weight lifting dumbell or bar.
- Weightlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding, and any strength training workout - vital gym accessories for men and women.
- The added safety provided by this strap allows for increased repetitions during sets while helping minimize hand fatigue.
- Washable for easy care.
* Include
1 pair, black.
* About ATTMU
We promise offer good quality products to make sure your satisfaction. We make every effort to provide quality services. You could contact our customer service when there any questions. Not satisfied? 100% guaranteed return of goods.

I don't do much lifting but I gave them to my nephew who is into weights and such.  The straps evidently made his work out much easier.    You would think only those wanting to build their muscles would be interested in the straps but my nephew told me your skin doesn't get pinched , leaving marks on your skin.  The straps are for everyone.  After using them you will learn how to use them on specific muscles.  They aren't just for men but women too.  I looked the straps over good and they are very well made.  They are comfortable and help tremendously with your workout.   This is a good product and made the worst part of the workout easier.

I received a complimentary sample of the ATTMU BIG GRIP NON SLIP LIFTING STRAPS for my view (and my nephews) for this product.

I would give this product 4 STARS.


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