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March 23, 2015

Trivia Quiz & Pub Quiz Book: InQUIZitive (Volume IV) by Sumit Dhar


(Volume IV)
Sumit Dhar

 Fourth volume of the Kindle Bestseller series and one of Amazon’s Top Rated quiz books
With over 75 five star ratings, the InQUIZitive series features quizzes that will give you multiple “Aha!” moments. Each question in this series has been selected with utmost care and the book features trivia not seen in any of the other books. This is an ideal book for party games, family get-togethers and long drives with your family. Add this book to your cart now and impress your friends with trivia that is truly unique.

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Praise for the InQUIZItive Series
- Best concept in a trivia book I've ever seen.
- InQUIZitive is extremely infectious!
- Trivia at its best in this written format.
- InQUIZitive series offers a great collection of good trivia questions that will be fun for almost audiences and formats.
- Fascinating questions with answers that will very enjoyably expand your knowledge.

Sample Questions
Q1. In 1700s, the deer skin was a common medium of exchange between the trading settlers and the native Indians in America. Both the parties agreed that each deer skin was worth a dollar and thus it became an important unit of commerce on the American frontier. This story is widely believed to be the origin of what word?
Q2. Lady Godiva appealed to her husband to reduce the oppressive taxes he levied on the town people. He agreed to do so provided she rode naked through the town. Legend has it that Lady Godiva sent word to the town folks and asked them to avert their eyes as she rode by. Out of respect for Lady Godiva, they all complied with her wishes. All expect one who couldn't help but sneak a peek. Who?
Q3.In 2005, a software company Scansoft Inc. was looking for a voice artist for a special database project. They reached out to GM Voices, a company providing such facility. Their main voice over artist was absent and this project went to Susan Bennett. Susan worked for over a month reading phrases and sentences for the project. Her recordings were then concatenated into various words, sentences, and paragraphs used in the project. What did Susan lend her voice to?

1. Buck, the slang term for a dollar.
2. Peeping Tom
3. Siri, Apple's intelligent personal assistant.

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 Manisha Malla, Editor
Abhishek Thakkar, Illustrator
When I got started with the InQUIZitive series, I had no idea if people would be interested in a trivia quiz book in this format. Today, after multiple wonderful reviews and numerous mails from readers, I am convinced people enjoy this style of quizzing.

My journey with this series started when I found most trivia quizzing books in the market were very dry. They were mainly about memorizing facts. And in some cases, the questions were so obscure that even after reading the answer, you were left scratching your head. To me, trivia quizzing is much more than just memorizing facts. Answering an interesting question is like putting together a puzzle. As you go through the question, your brain cells start ticking. After analyzing all the details you have a moment of absolute clarity, your brain says, "Aha!" and an answer crystallizes in front of you. Even if you are not able to answer a question, when you finally see the answer, you feel "Shucks! I should have guessed that."

In the InQUIZitive series, I have tried to make sure that the readers have many "Aha!" moments. Additionally, I have taken great efforts to present the details in such a way to make them extremely memorable.  Happy quizzing & may the force be with you!
This book, fourth in the Pub Quiz Books and Trivia series written by Sumit Dhar.  I haven't read the previous three but this one was very interesting.  They put that gray matter to work. The author must do a lot of research to find this trivia and make it into a n interesting quiz.  If you love trivia, you'll love these  books.  If you haven't done much on trivia, try these books and you'll get hooked right away. In the 1960's college students traded questions and answers about the culture they were growing up in.  This was known as a casual parlor game that was entitled "Trivia". The entire book has trivia questions and then in the following chapter, the answers.   Five questions in each chapter, total of 100 in all.  There is the event with an explanation, clues and then trying to come up with the answer.  You won;t always know the answers but if you work at it, it will come to you.  The author wrote a book that will keep your mind active and alert.  You will easily become hooked on the book.  You'll put it down for a while and soon you're picking it up again. This is a book you'll want to keep and go back and read and answer the questions again and again.  Some of the questions are rather difficult for having a family time.

I was given a complimentary copy of InQUIZitive (Volume IV) from the author Sumit Dhar for my view of the book.

I would give this book 4 STARS.


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