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March 2, 2015

OLIVER AND JUMPY books 7-9 by Werner Stejskal



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Stories 7-9
Third Book in Series
Werner Stejskal

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These illustrated cat stories are all about “Oliver and Jumpy”, who are best of friends and experience many adventures together. Oliver is an elegant black tomcat, who is full of himself. As a matter of fact he says: “I love myself!” quite often. Naughty, isn’t he? But his best friend Jumpy, a kangaroo lady, is aware that it is only a front! Oliver has a soft heart and will always want to help others. The great thing is Jumpy’s pouch, which Oliver loves to ride in! He calls her his kangaroo taxi! These little bedtime stories with their lovely illustrations are great for small kids. A parent can read the text and tell the child in his own words. These animal stories have sufficient text to keep early readers happy and provide some educational value. Depending on your device, there is pop-up text (at Amazon) or audio available. Several talented illustrators are essential to bring these children's stories to you in quick succession. Love you all! Meow! Check out the Free INTRODUCTION TO THE SERIES to see how beautiful the illustrations are! Story 7: Winterland - Fun in the snow. Story 8: Baby Oliver - Yes, Oliver has been a baby too! Story 9: Egging – Watch what hatches from a big egg.

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  • File Size: 14805 KB
  • Print Length: 35 pages
  • Publisher: Werner Stejskal (October 28, 2014)
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
  • Language: English
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 Werner Stejskal has done it again with "Oliver and Jumpy"'
He has written three brand new stories about Oliver, the cat.

"Winterland" is all about finding out what snow is.  Oliver and his buddies are having fun building a snowman.  Jumpy, who is a Kangaroo lady, is the biggest of the bunch of friends rolled the three big balls so that the snowman would be able to stand upright.  They needed a nose for the snowman and thought a carrot would be just right.

"Baby Oliver"
He is playing with his brothers and sisters while his mother is trying to teach them about the good life of a cat, kind of like learning to cross a road safely. She also teaches them to look up to the sky for any predators.  Other things he finds out about is water and not to play with snakes.


Oliver and his friends are  are each given an egg. They need to help hatch the various animals.  Oliver had no idea what his egg would hatch out to be.  After two weeks of keeping it warm, he is totally surprised when it hatches.
Children and those young at heart will love these three wonderful stories that have a lesson behind each one.  The author wrote an enjoyable, good, well written book with lovely illustrations to go with each story.  A wonderful book with lessons to be learned.  The author wrote the book so that little one's attention will be kept.  We all know, little one's attention span is short but this book keeps them interested and their eyes big.Wonderful!

I was given a complimentary copy of OLIVER AND JUMPY Books 7-9 from the author, Werner Stejskal for my view of the book.

I would give this book 5 SNOWMEN.

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Werner StejskalBorn in Vienna, Austria, Werner is now living in the paradise of Perth, Australia with his wife, two married children and three grandchildren. He worked many years in the printing industry and later for the United Nations in Vienna. His wife had been a pen-friend, whom Werner visited in Hong Kong and finally got married to. After an eventful life, now retired, he began to write children's stories, had them illustrated through Odesk, narrated them himself for YouTube and finally published the ebooks on most platforms. Eventually there will be 17 books with three stories each in English, before being translated into several other languages. Werner's dream is to see "Oliver and Jumpy" animated as a TV series.

There are lots of fairy tales and bedtime stories around and many of them quite violent. This made Werner decide to write something different. On a flight from Europe to Australia he watched the movie Magic on Belle Island with Morgan Freeman, where Freeman teaches a little girl to have imagination and write her first story. This inspired Werner as well and the first stories with his two characters Oliver, the elegant tomcat, and Jumpy, his kangaroo lady friend, made their appearance.
Some very capable illustrators have helped to create this picture book series. Currently seven illustrated ebooks with three stories each are available on most platforms. The first book called "Oliver and Jumpy, Stories 1-3" is available free of charge for a limited time. Please download and review. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks! 

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Cicero said...

This is a very throrough review and would be of great help for anybody interested to buy this book. I like that each story has its own paragraph and the prospective buyer is properly informed. Comment by Werner Stejskal