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February 3, 2015

THE MARLOWS by Rosalind Laker



Rosalind Laker 

The Marlows

(from Amazon)
 The year is 1847.

After the tragic death of her parents Tansy Marlow is surprised to discover her father has left her half shares in young colt and a large house, suggesting a life far superior to the poverty she and her siblings have grown accustomed to.

Tansy and her brother and sister Roger and Nina, and her foster sister Judith, start their new life at Rushmere only to discover a family secret that forces them to lie to their entire community

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Tansy finds herself indebted to Dominic Reade, a man she hates and holds personally responsible for her father’s death.

He is also the co-owner of Young Oberon, the race horse her father had set his hopes and dreams on.

Tansy is determined to do anything it takes to free her family from debt and the troubling Dominic Reade.

But her actions bring her into conflict with her siblings. Her brother is desperate to work at Dominic’s stables to achieve his dream of becoming a jockey while her beautiful and calculating sister Nina has set her heart on marrying the rich and aristocratic Edward Taylor.

Tansey tries to hold her family together but more tragedy is on the horizon for the Marlows.

And Dominic Reade will not leave her alone.

Can she rebuild her family’s fortunes?

Or will The Marlows lose their fortune once more?

'A magnificent saga, rich in drama and period detail.' - Holly Kinsella, best-selling author of 'Uptown Girl'.

‘The Marlows’ was previously published as ‘Ride the Blue Riband’.

Rosalind Laker was lucky enough to be born into a family that took a great interest in its forebears, and tales of them were handed down to her, providing characters and incidents for many of her historical novels. Her books include ‘The Fragile Hour’ and ‘What the Heart Keeps.


Product Details

  • File Size: 675 KB
  • Print Length: 278 pages
  • Publisher: Endeavour Press (August 13, 2014)
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
  • Language: English

Tansy Marlow has just found out that her deceased parents have left her half shares in a young colt and a large house. What a surprise after the tragic death of her parents.   She and her siblings have known nothing but a life of poverty and now she feels like life may get better.She and her siblings, Roger and Nina and foster sister, Judith, start a new life in the town of Rushmere, but a secret leads them to tell a lie to the community. On top of all of that, Tansy discovers she owes Dominic Reade, a man she despises and knows he had something to do with her father's death.  Tansy's father had a racehorse Young Oberon, that he had dreams for and Dominic is co-owner of the horse.   Tansy makes a vow that she will get her family out of debt and away from the trouble making Dominic.
Everything Tansy does causes trouble with her siblings.  Her brother wants to work at Dominic's stables in hope of living his dream of being a jockey.  Then we have her sister, Nina who is very lovely and very calculating.  She is set on getting married to the rich Edward Taylor.  Will there be more problems in store for the Marlow family?Will Tansy rebuild her family's riches or will she lose them once more?   The author wrote a rather down to earth story about a daughter and her three siblings trying to rebuild their lives after the death of their parents.  Ms. Laker takes you on a journey with Tansy, her siblings, Dominic and the joys and disappointments that they endure.  It's like you could be one of three siblings working for or maybe against Tansy in her efforts to reclaim what her parents worked so hard for.   Will there be romance for Tansy?  Will she regain what had been lost?   The author wrote a wonderful story of a family torn apart by death, but still trying to rebuild their lives. THE MARLOWS was previously published as RIDE THE BLUE RIBAND.

I was given a complimentary copy of THE MARLOWS from Endeavor Press and the author, Rosalind Laker for my view of the book.

I would give this book 4 STARS.




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