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February 12, 2015

BLACK MOON by Kenneth Calhoun


Kenneth Calhoun

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For fans of The Age of Miracles and The Dog Stars, Black Moon is a hallucinatory and stunning debut that Charles Yu calls “Gripping and expertly constructed.”

Insomnia has claimed everyone Biggs knows.  Even his beloved wife, Carolyn, has succumbed to the telltale red-rimmed eyes, slurred speech and cloudy mind before disappearing into the quickly collapsing world.  Yet Biggs can still sleep, and dream, so he sets out to find her.

He ventures out into a world ransacked by mass confusion and desperation, where he meets others struggling against the tide of sleeplessness.  Chase and his buddy Jordan are devising a scheme to live off their drug-store lootings; Lila is a high school student wandering the streets in an owl mask, no longer safe with her insomniac parents; Felicia abandons the sanctuary of a sleep research center to try to protect her family and perhaps reunite with Chase, an ex-boyfriend.  All around, sleep has become an infinitely precious commodity. Money can’t buy it, no drug can touch it, and there are those who would kill to have it. However, Biggs persists in his quest for Carolyn, finding a resolve and inner strength that he never knew he had.

Kenneth Calhoun has written a brilliantly realized and utterly riveting depiction of a world gripped by madness, one that is vivid, strange, and profoundly moving.

From the Hardcover edition.

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KENNETH CALHOUN has had stories published in The Paris Review, Tin House, News Stories from the South and the 2011 Pen/O. Henry Prize Collection, among others. He lives in Boston, where he is a graphic design professor at Lasell College.
Kenneth Calhoun
I thought this would be a good novel.  To me it was a take off of THE WALKING DEAD. Not Zombies but yet they were. For some reason people are turning into something different than themselves.  The reason for this is unknown.  Some people are trying to find a cure but unsuccessfully.  There are a very few that aren't afflicted.  Most of them are literally dead.  They can't sleep.  They walk around and can do nothing but cause chaos.  They are alive so they're not zombies but they just can't close their eyes and sleep.  If people don't sleep for a long enough time they actually can go crazy.   These people have periods of rage if they see someone sleeping.  No one knows what is causing all of this.  I found it hard to get into the book.  The conversations were hard to understand and there is no understanding as to how this happened, why it happened or how it was going to be stopped.  The book kept skipping back and forth with the characters.  One minute the reader is following the characters through their days and then you don't hear about what is happening to them. Some of the characters disappear all of a sudden.  What happened to them?  Did they die??  Did they just go on walking and walking, never sleeping?   I just couldn't find anything in the book that kept my interest.  The end of the book was just that, the end.  No tying the characters together for a conclusion, just an end.

I was given a complimentary copy of BLACK MOON from the author, Kenneth Calhoun and Blogging for Books for my view of the book.  

I would give this book a 2 STARS.


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