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January 30, 2015

OOH LOLITA by L Gina Davis

5 stars

"Run, Children! Run! Don't let the witch catch you!"

L Gina Davis
Product Details
Lolita the witch transforms herself into a beautiful queen so that she could capture the happy children at the playground.

In this fast paced, riveting tale, we meet a cranky old witch named Lolita who delights in being miserable.  When she hears the laughter and witnesses the fun and merriment the children are having at the playground, she is furious.  With the help of her loyal cat Bufu., Lolita comes up with a scheme to transform herself into a beautiful queen to lure the happy children away from the playground--and put an end to the joyful noise once and for all!

Humorous and entertaining OOH LOLITA also carries an important reminder for children about the dangers of putting their trust in strangers --even a stranger and beautiful queen who asks for help  find a lost pet.

Product Details

Ladora Gina Davis attended York College in 1997 where she studied child psychology. In 1998 she landed a job as a day care coordinator at the honorable William II.  Booth day care center in St. Albans, New York.  In 1999 she opened Munchkinland, her own licensed family day care where she found that teaching and reading story books to the children in her care was a precious and rewarding experience.  Ladora is the  author of a poem entitled "Sweetheart" featured in MOONLIGHT WISHES, a collection of poems published in 1996 with the National Library of Poetry.  She is happily married with three children and lives in Queens, New York.


The author wrote a wonderful, interesting children's book that teaches a very important lesson.  BEWARE OF STRANGERS.  Even though they may be pretty, a little magical and tell you something you want to hear or ask you to help them.  STAY AWAY.  Strangers can be dangerous and hurt you.  You should run, scream, kick and do what ever you need to to get away from them and get to a trusted grown up such as your parents or a policeman.  Strangers shouldn't be trusted unless perhaps you are with your mom and dad.  You don't know them and they don't know you.  You could be hurt  The author wrote a very good book for children to learn the lesson.  BEWARE OF STRANGERS.   She shows how a furious, mean witch that doesn't like children changed into a beautiful queen who asks for help with a lost pet.   Even under the clothes and the change into a Queen, she was still a mean witch who didn't like children.  You never know by the way a person looks, or acts if he or she is nice or mean.   So take the safe route and turn around and run.  BE SAFE AT ALL TIMES.  When you get home, tell your parents so they can take the appropriate precautions.  A wonderful learning book with colorful appropriate pictures that keep the child's attention and interest.   There is also a page for the child's name where the book is theirs.  Children love that.  Something that says it's theirs.  I don't think we can have enough books like this one to teach our young ones the dangers that lurk out there in the world that appears to be nice and pretty.   The cover is bright and if you look at the pictures you will see part of the story in the book.   Lovely book for little ones to keep on their shelf to read again and again.

I received a complimentary copy of OOH LOLITA from the author, L. Gina David for my view of the book.

I would give this book 5 STARS.

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