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December 8, 2014

THE BACHELOR By Stephanie Reed



Stephanie Reed's
Plain City Peace Series
Book Two
The-Bachelor, Stephanie Reed

Don't miss Stephanie Reed's newest book in the Plain City Peace series, The Bachelor. This compelling second book deftly weaves together the strands of a solid, simpler time with the turmoil of an era of change, revealing the strengths of both in its powerful narrative.

In this sequel to The Bargain, Betsie Troyer is back home in her Amish community where she knows she belongs, free from the confusing Englisher way of life. She and Charley Yoder have made promises to each other, and her life is back on track--until Gerald Sullivan shows up with his young daughter, asking for Betsie's help. He’s on his way to find his estranged wife, and begs Betsie to take young Sheila in.
When she agrees, Betsie's carefully planned life is shaken up again. Sheila's newfound faith is troubling to Charley--and his attraction to another girl is beginning to be a problem. But how can Betsie confront him when she is still trying to confront her own feelings about Sheila's brother, Michael? Keeping the peace between the Amish man she's always loved, a twelve-year-old Englisher girl, and a draft-dodging hippie is more than she ever thought she’d have to deal with in her simple, orderly life. Still, Betsie is convinced she can keep things from falling apart completely.
Then during her best friend's wedding, tragedy strikes and her world is upended. She has to make a decision: does she love Charley or Michael . . . or is she craving a deeper love that only God can give?
The compelling second novel of the Plain City Peace series, The Bachelor deftly weaves together the strands of a solid, simpler time with the turmoil of an era of change, revealing the strengths of both in its powerful narrative.

  • Series: Plain City Peace (Book 2)
  • Paperback: 256 pages
  • Publisher: Kregel Publications (October 1, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0825442168
  • ISBN-13: 978-0825442162

Stephanie ReedAUTHOR
 Stephanie Reed lives on the outskirts of Plain City, Ohio, site of a once-thriving Amish community. She gleans ideas for her novels from signs glimpsed along the byways of Ohio, as she did for her previous books, Across the Wide River and The Light Across the River. The Bachelor is the second book in the Plain City Peace series.

This is one of the best Amish books I've read recently.  We have a sharp, very sweet, bonnet-wearing heroine.  The setting was Plain City Ohio, 1971. I found this time period rather unique since you don't find too many Amish books based on the 70's. At this time it wasn't all buggie rides in the evening in the country.  The  book took place after the Kent State Massacre, the draft, anti-war riots and the war we will never forget, Vietnam.
 The Bargain was the first book with The Bachelor being the sequel.  There is gong to be another book to make a series of three. I would suggest that you read the books in series.
Guess who's back?  Betsie.  Her English world education is done and she has come home to Amish country where life is actually no simpler.  We always think of the Amish living a simpler way of life, but their lives can be complicated with problems too.
Charley Yoder is trying to help Betsie and her sister run the farm all by themselves.
Mem and Dat are living their new English lives as Christians and plain City is losing friends and neighbors day by day.  Plain City farms are being sold for supposed progress, .  Betsie often wish she was back with the emotional, unsure English when the confusions of Amish life bear down on her.The author wrote in some scandal that was spread rapidly by one old gossip, who couldn't mind her own business.  Betsie's fathers had gone in search of his wife, trying to work out their differences so she can come back to the Amish farm. I don't want to tell any more.  I want the next reader to enjoy the series as I have with all its Amish customs, lovable and unlovable characters, great Historical details and lots of poetry.Anyone who loves Amish fiction will love this wonderful Amish book that was well written by the author.  It was a little different than the usual Amish read.  Children raising children, trying to keep a farm going and find love in the wrong place.

I was given a complimentary copy of THE BACHELOR from the author Stephanie Reed and Kregel Publications  and Litfuse Publications for my view of the book.for my view of the book.  No other compensation took place.

I would give this book 5 STARS.

Plain City Peace Series
Book Three


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