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November 19, 2014


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 Pump Up Your Book is pleased to bring you Tom Whalen’s The Straw That Broke book blitz November 3 – 28!
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In his rollicking new novel, THE STRAW THAT BROKE, author Tom Whalen continues his ENCYCLOPEDIA MOUSE series, a challenging and funny roller-coaster ride through the outer margins of science-fiction, philosophy, and word play. Readers who reveled in previous books in the series, such as THE CAMEL’S BACK (called “the Moby-Dick of mice” by poet and critic R.H.W. Dillard) and ROITHAMER’S UNIVERSE (which science-fiction writer Rudy Rucker termed “giddy fun”), are sure to greet the arrival of THE STRAW THAT BROKE with anticipation and joy. Lovers of such visionary writers as Kafka, Borges, Vonnegut, Lewis Carroll, and Douglas Adams (THE HITCHHIKER’S GUIDE series) also will find a kindred spirit in Tom Whalen, as will readers of all tastes who are looking for a thrilling literary adventure.
 The main “character” in THE STRAW THAT BROKE is the Encyclopedia Mouse, who, according to the author, “is the one creature who can save the multiverse.”  In Whalen’s synopsis of THE STRAW THAT BROKE, “Bulwer Zetford’s work-in-progress, The Cosmic Messenger, is about to take a strange turn, and the multiverse with it, when Roithamer of Relix “beads” once again and brings swirling into Zetford’s Kaduza M-mon processor the Encyclopedia Mouse … Tale twines tale as the mouse battles his Doppelgänger in cyberspace, Heidegger, in his Black Forest hut, and a hyper-crazed Roithamer. Death is everywhere, but the mouse, birling (if only barely) in his Binding Nexus Drive, is determined to narrate the universes away from their demise.”
Whalen describes his style as “playful, parodic, philosophical, lyrical. I wanted THE STRAW THAT BROKE to be thick with character and plot and at the same time alive with language.”
“The word play is part of the novel’s texture, as well as being embedded into the plot and character of the mouse,” Whalen also explains. “No need for the reader to pick up all the formal play. It’s enough that this exists on a subliminal level.”
Whalen’s ultimate goal, he says, is to have the Encyclopedia Mouse books published in one volume “and eventually turned into a wide-screen baroque masterwork of cinema.”
In the meantime, THE STRAW THAT BROKE is available in print, ready to delight all readers.
Tom Whalen Whalen is a novelist, short story writer, poet and critic who has written for Agni, Asymptote, Bookforum, Brooklyn Rail, Chicago Review, The Iowa Review, Film Quarterly, The Literary Review, the Washington Post and other publications. His books include Dolls, Elongated Figures, The Birth of Death and Other Comedies: The Novels of Russell H. Greenan, and the novels Roithamer’s Universe and The President in Her Towers. Whalen currently lives in Stuttgart, Germany, where he teaches film at the State Academy of Art and Design. See author on You Tube at:

His latest book is the science fiction, The Straw That Broke.
Visit his website at


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This book was so incredible.  We get to to travel with Whalen in this science-fiction novel, into his version of the afterlife.  The characters are unique.  You can't turn the pages fast enough as the plot keeps you interested.  The author added to the plot by putting in a bit of philosophy history and literature.  This added to the plot. The author added humor to add to the story.  What adds to the fun of the book is trying to decode the mysteries.  This book is part of a series.  Guess what?   They are all put together by a mouse?  The mouse can take you back to the beginning of the tale.  As you read this book you will not only be entertained but you will gain a little knowledge along the way.  If you want to read a genre bending, or interested in the originality of literature or just plain fun, then get yourself a copy and ENJOY!

I received a complimentary copy of THE STRAW THAT BROKE from the author, Tom Whalen and Pump Up Your Book for my view of the book. No other compensation took place.

I would give this book 4 STARS.

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