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November 27, 2014

SHADOWS by Don Castle


A Jake Somers Novel
Don Castle
Product Details

  • Paperback: 274 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (June 23, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 148017937X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1480179370
Winner of the 2014 Feathered Quill Book Award in the Cozy Mystery category, SHADOWS: A Jake Somers Novel follows the dangerous path that a woman's life takes in response to the evil forced upon her as a child. The effect of her tortured experience is illuminated when a beautiful young girl's body is discovered behind the office building that houses the Jake Somers Detective Agency. And then, when multiple murders occur across the city, and under similar circumstances, P.I. Jake Somers crime solving expertise is called upon by the police to help catch a serial killer. No problem, death on a college campus, illegal synthetic drugs and a maniacal murderer are all in a days' work for Jake Somers. 


Written with the conventions of a traditional detective novel, SHADOWS captures attention with an intriguing plot and a timely discussion of synthetic drugs. A series of murders that may be related to the illicit manufacturing of synthetic drugs challenges the sleuthing skills of private investigator Jake Somers. Mystery fans will enjoy this puzzling plot and additionally, the alarming increase in availability and abuse of illegal synthetic drugs makes the novel timely and relevant.
- A Clarion Review

"When the world is in chaos around him, Jake Somers is the calm in the eye of the storm. This is a spellbinding read that will take you along for a suspenseful ride. Highly recommended." 
- Jason Day, Author

Don Castle conducts the story like a virtuoso bringing life to an orchestra, with the ease and fluidity of classical storytelling, revealing the mystery with enjoyable skill, very much to my liking.
 - Pacific Book Review

Shadows plays out its evidence and scenes very well. It creates a series of cat-and-mouse games where information takes the form of puzzle pieces that don't really fit together until the end. Where other mysteries provide a nearly one-dimensional focus on clues and perps, Shadows seeks a more well-rounded representation of these murder scenarios in light of the larger issues of Jake's life. The puzzle thus becomes far more realistic than the bulk of mysteries. If it's greater depth you look for, beyond the puzzle itself, then Shadows is for you.
 -Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review

SHADOWS: A Jake Somers Novel has been awarded the 2014 Feathered Quill Gold/1st Place Award in the Cozy Mystery Category. -Ellen Feld, Feathered Quill

From the Author

   The dim light of dawn peeked through the sides of the shutters across the room from Jake's bed. After using his left hand to push back the covers he slowly moved to a sitting position. When it came to the pain, this morning was no different than most. The physical damage caused by a collision had driven Jake from the police force. So, with the encouragement of  family and friends he had opened his own P.I. agency. Looking back he has to admit that even though he misses the force the change hasn't been all bad.

Don CastleBiography

Don Castle enjoyed a successful career as an advertising executive, often using his talent for creative writing and storytelling as an outlet from the stress of his profession. He is the author of the Jake Somers mystery/suspense series PECAN GAP, DARK SOUL and SHADOWS, the winner of the 2014 Gold/1st. Place Feathered Quill National Book Award in the Cozy/Mystery category.


This is one PI book that you sure don't get bored or wanted to quit reading. As you read the book, you were side by side with Mr. Castle's characters and sceneries.
This book is about PI Jake Somers.   He has a local Detective agency which works with the DA's office and the local cops.  Things break lose when a young girl's body is found behind Mr. Somers' office building.  This apparently wasn't the only murder.  Multiple murders start happening and seem to be tied together somehow. Then we find out that a big role in the murders are illegal synthetic drugs.  The reader is then given a short education on the making and distribution of the drugs.  We are also in for a surprise as to what the cosmetic parties actually are.  The author did a magnificient job having the reader love and relate to the characters.Another character is the receptionist which you can't help but love.  She is like part of the family.

If you want a good mystery read for a weekend get away, then this is your book.  The author did a wonderful job of connecting the characters and putting all the characters into play, good or bad.

I was given a complimentary copy of SHADOWS from the author, Don Castle and Bostick Cmmunications for my view of the book.  No other compensation took place.

I would give this book 4 STARS.


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