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October 13, 2014

THE BLEAK DOOR by Christian Baker

A Science Fiction Thriller Novel
Christian Baker


(from Books Machine)
Top seller # 1 Amazon´s category on promotional days!
The revelation of the year - A science fiction thriller novel

The President of the United States is abruptly hit by a serious and unknown disease. Suddenly, and while his successor was being discussed, he miraculously recovers. Relief rapidly spreads among his assistants and public opinion. The most powerful man on the planet has come back. Or, at least, that is what everyone thought.

A different enemy, beyond our understanding, expands his webs. Soon changes in laws, persecutions, and weird and flabbergasting experiments start to take place. A top-notch interdisciplinary team is clandestinely put together in order to grasp the inexplicable and thus put up some sort of resistance. They were not aware that the knowledge of that truth might only be the beginning of the nightmare.

The Bleak Door tells us about a world becoming oppressive, violent, without any clear apparent reasons. It faces us with complex questions of our inner self and our response towards  manipulation both from an individual and a social level. It positions us before our selfishness, our decisions. And, above all, their consequences.

An electrifying, obscure, fast-paced story from its very first page. SCI-FI Thriller.
Kindle Edition, 473 pages, Published June 20th 2013
original title:The Bleak Door
Christian BakerI came into the world one year before a man would walk on the moon, at the end of a decade that held the dawn of change in its guts. I was raised during a special and complex time but I retain memories of profound sensitivity and a love of knowledge that impregnated the experiences of my childhood. I look back fondly on my afternoons in the neighborhood. I can still see old the cinema where sensations, words and images appeared as if by magic before my wide eyes. Time advanced with its sure steps and my love for the seventh art spread to a passion for literature. In the pages of books I discovered that prodigious spark which unites the author's tale to the depths of our imaginations. Through reading, writing and the tests life uses to shape us, I learned and grew. Creation and vision nested deep within me. One day, four years ago, the stream of words and images that I had intoxicated myself with for so many years as reader and spectator, along with the clarity conferred by life's challenges, gave way to the writer that had been lurking within me, waiting for the chance to break free. That is how “THE BLEAK DOOR” was concocted, an intense and powerful tale, one that sticks to your skin as soon as you take it in your hands. We will travel its pages together, setting off as spectators. We will move quickly into a world of unique sensations, down a winding path paved with fear, drama, doubt and reflection. It will force us to look within ourselves, to flee, to rediscover who we are. It is my hope, dear reader, that we remain forever united by this experience and that we may journey together always. Christian Baker THE BLEAK DOOR - A science fiction thriller novel 

The author wrote a book that I couldn't put down.  To begin with when I saw that cover I had to read it.  The broken down , weather worn door that was cracked open just a tad.  Intriguing?  What was behind that door?
The book brings about a lot of emotion, anticipation, excitement, sadness and questions.  Was this a conspiracy that the President takes ill so quickly only to recover so quickly?  Or did he?
I couldn't read fast enough or turn the pages fast enough so I could find out more about what these people had and were going through.  Bravery was their name.
 I could go on and on but that would give it away to you and it was so well written with an ending that will amaze you, that you will want that thrill for yourself. This is one Sci Fi that you won't want to miss even if you're not a Sci Fi fan and I'm not really one. I plan on keeping this book to read again later.  The cover was just the right one for this book.  It definitely attracts your attention.

I was given a  complimentary copy of THE BLEAK DOOR from the author, Christian Baker and Books Machine for my view of the book.   No other compensation took place.

I would give this book 5 STARS.



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