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October 9, 2014

LADY FIREBIRD Teaser Tour by Orren Merton

Today we have a teaser tour for Lady Firebird to celebrate the release that it's now available for sale! This is a young adult urban fantasy series and this is book two in the Sedumen Chronicles.

Let's see if this news report piques your interest...
News Report from Cambridge, Massachusetts
Carla: This
is Carla Hennington from WGBC in Cambridge, Massachusetts, at the scene
what will no doubt have repercussions far outside the greater Boston
area; indeed, this may change everything we know, or think we know,
about the universe in which we live.
I'm standing here with Laura Meeks, a junior at John Adams High School. Laura, can you tell me what you saw?
Laura: It
was crazy. Some huge guy with, like, two bears or wolves or something
grabbed this blond girl—I think she was a sophomore—who was walking
home. She started screaming, my buddy Bruce and I were thinking we
should do something, when we heard that girl, Lady Firebird, start
Carla: Can you describe the girl, Laura?
Oh, yeah. She was off the charts! Her hair and eyes were on fire, her
skin was like leather or stone or something, I dunno, hard, you know?
And she ran right at the kidnapper and his wolves, swinging her huge
curved sword—it had blue flames.
Carla: The man responded?
Laura: Oh
man, he sicked his wolves on her. Then Lady Firebird, like, opened up a
rip in the air or something—it was crazy—and her wolves started coming
out. The wolves fought, she fought the guy, but he cut her open and he
and his wolves got away with the girl. It was intense—and really sad.
Carla: And that's when you and your friends aided—
Laura: Lady Firebird, yeah. I walked up, and she talked to us, that's how I know her name. Here, Bruce, why don't you...
Carla: Bruce Williams, ladies and gentleman, another eye witness. Bruce, why don't you tell us what happened from here.
Bruce: Thank
you, Ms. Hennington. Yeah, um, we approached Lady Firebird, me first.
She was hurt bad, but she could still talk. She told us what to do—we
took her blade, and, like, waved it in the air like she said. It made
like a slice in the air, and we couldn't see into it or through it, it
was all black. I'd never seen—or done—anything like that.
Some other guys on the scene from John Adams dragged her wolf over, and
they all were pulled through the hole in the air by these huge ape
hands or something.
Carla: Were you scared?
Laura: Oh my God you have no idea.
The whole thing was so intense! We were could this be real?
But there it was, in front of us. Some huge monster dude and his wolf
kidnapped a girl from my was crazy. But Lady Firebird tried
to save her, and said she was going to bring her home.
Laura: Yeah, I hope she's okay, and she can bring that poor girl home. I can't imagine...
We're all praying for the victim of this horrible crime, absolutely.
What a terrifying event. Were you two afraid, not just of the kidnapper,
but of the mysterious flaming swordswoman?
Bruce: Were we scared of Lady Firebird?
Laura: I mean, sure, she was scary and all, but I think she was after that kidnapper, you know? She was trying to help.
We all hope so, that's for sure. Bruce, Laura, thank you both. And I'm
Carla Hennington from WGHC, on the scene in Cambridge. For more on this
breaking story we return to our Boston studio.

 About Lady Firebird:
Alexandra Gold leads two lives. 
a universe filled with powerful spirit beings, she is the half human,
half-demon Lady Firebird of the House of Keroz. She stopped Dirk Raum
from murdering humans whose fresh souls he fed the House of Raum. This
won her the respect of some but the enmity of others.
Earth, she appears to be like every other eighteen-year old girl, but
she longs to step forward as Lady Firebird, and let people know that she
will protect them—but she worries that once people see her flaming
hair, eyes, and long fangs, she will terrify those she wants to help.
When Dirk returns and starts a kidnapping spree as part of his plan to
conquer both universes, Alex races to the rescue. 
She is ready to meet the challenge; but is the world ready to meet Lady Firebird?

About the Author:
Merton started writing fantasy and science fiction at an embarrassingly
young age, mostly for his own

amusement. In high school, he listened to
a lot of dark and moody rock, which inspired him to pick up guitar and
start playing up and down California in a few bands, culminating in his
Industrial rock group Ember After releasing their debut album, Grasping
At Straws, and subsequently The Misery EP.  During that time, magazines,
developers, and corporations began to pay him to write and edit music
software related articles, manuals, and  books. Since then he has
written the urban fantasy novel The Deviant and the science fiction
novel Skye Entity before working on his current series of YA novels. He
lives in Southern California with his family, pets, collection of
sci-fi/fantasy memorabilia, and curiously large stuffed animal


5 ebook copies of Lady Firebird by Orren Merton (INT)

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