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October 18, 2014

BARRENLANDS by Doranna Durgin

Barrenlands by Doranna Durgin

The Changespell Saga
A Prequel
Doranna Durgin

Before there was Dun Lady’s Jess
Magic, betrayal, and a twice-cursed exile–only one man’s determination can untangle the deadly intrigue that binds them together.
Laine has always been full of True Dreams, but never before have they gone to such dark places.  Now his mountain caravan route grows more dangerous by the day, and Laine can’t afford distractions–not from the Dreams, not from his sheltered sister, and not from the enigmatic warrior who joins the caravan to skirt the deadly Barrenlands.
Or so he says.
Laine thinks there’s more to it, and he’s right.  A murdered sovereign, a  King’s Guard in exile, a family in hiding…a twice-cursed Son of Solvany.  The warrior has come to unravel the mystery that surrounds them all–and if he’s been sent to kill Laine and his sister, it suddenly seems he might also be the only one who can save them.
But only if Laine can find the real truth behind what he Sees…

The Changespell Saga:
Dun Lady’s Jess
Changespell Legacy

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 This book never gave you a dull moment.  I am a fan of the dark ages, castles and the chivalry that went with it all.
I love the Kings and Queens and their faithful followers.
 The book has just enough pace to keep you turning the pages.  I'm very interested in books on magic and this book had just enough magic, good magic.  The magic was used in different ways.  Instead of doing things the conventional way, magic was used. The book is not all magic.  Readers who love the sword fights will find enough to keep them interested.  The main character has no magic power.  He is the King's Guard.  As back in those days, there was a code of honor with just a touch of revenge.  The author gave us many twists and turns to keep our attention.  Never a dull moment with all the action that is taking place.The author wrote a good paced book about magic, chivalry, Kings and Queens and all the power that went with the dark ages.  I would recommend this book to anyone who loves to go back to the Dark Ages and journey on.

I was given a complimentary copy of BARRENLANDS from the author, Doranna Durgin and BookViewCafe for my view of the book. No other compensation took place.

I would give this book 4 STARS.

Doranna Durgin
 Doranna Durgin is the author of seven fantasy novels the first of which, Dun Lady's Jess, received the 1995 Compton Crook/Stephen Tall Award for the best first novel in the fantasy, science fiction and horror genres. Doranna responded to all early injunctions to "put down that book/notebook and go outside to play" by climbing trees to read & write. Such quirkiness of spirit has led to an eclectic publishing journey, spanning genres over 30 novels to include mystery, SF/F, action-romance, paranormal, franchise, and a slew of essays and short stories.

But after all that, mostly she still prefers to hang around outside her New Mexico mountain home with the animals, riding dressage on her Lipizzan and training for performance sports with the dogs. She doesn't believe so much in mastering the beast within, but in channeling its power. For good or bad has yet to be decided...

Dun Lady's Jess, Doranna's first published fantasy novel, received the 1995 Compton Crook/Stephen Tall award for the best first book in the fantasy, science fiction, and horror genres. When she's not writing, Doranna builds web pages, including this one.

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