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September 19, 2014

TIGERS OF WRATH by Elizabeth Housden



Elizabeth Housden 

If you’re a fan of romantic literature, women’s literature, suspense or mystery you’ll be sure to enjoy this book…
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This is story of blossoming and enduring passionate physical love set amongst avarice, betrayal, suspicion and double dealings stretching from the corridors of powerful Westminster right to the heart of a tiny, sleepy Hampshire village.”
Their affair has to be a secret for the moment. No scandal dare blight the cause. There is a long and dangerous road ahead of Colin and Flora before they can admit to the world they love each other…

Flora Bellinger leaves her philandering husband and, with her two small sons, and moves to the idyllic, peaceful Hampshire village of Condashott.  Within weeks of their arrival the tranquillity is shattered by the news that a new motorway is to be built within yards of it.  The whole village rises to the challenge of fighting off this horror and Flora is with them. So, too is her neighbour, the attractive, charismatic artist Colin du Barrie, struggling to extricate himself from his own unhappy marriage and Flora and Colin are flung together, united in a common cause. But the selfish, money-grasping Griselda du Barrie has her own battle on her hands and is hell bent on getting her way regardless of any rules of morality or even the law and will happily sacrifice Colin, unaware quite how much danger he is in, to get it…

Elizabeth Housden
Tigers of Wrath” is the fourth fantastic novel written by Elizabeth, whose other titles have never received less than four stars on Amazon books. For all of her novels she takes her inspiration from a variety of sources, the titles of her novels are always quotes from somewhere, Shakespeare (“Passion’s Slave” – from Hamlet – and “Brief Candle” from Macbeth.) “Tigers of Wrath” is a quote from William Blake’s Proverbs of Hell. Sometimes she gives her novels a “working title” and names them properly after, and sometimes the quotation inspires the whole book.

One thing readers all have in common is their appreciation and enjoyment of Elizabeth’s novels, every title has received a

I look forward to reading my next Elizabeth Housden novel!“ 

Elizabeth is a fantastic growing author, keep an eye on her for her latest work and follow her on Facebook!
You can also follow Elizabeth on twitter @Liz_Housden



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